Labour Party Backs Jeremy Corbyn against British Air Strikes in the Middle East
By Luke James
Global Research, September 26, 2015
Morning Star 10 August 2020
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Jeremy Corbyn has a huge mandate from Labour members to oppose British bombing in the Middle East, a new poll showed yesterday.

Results of a Labour List survey of 2,453 supporters found that 63 per cent support the party leader’s opposition to air strikes in Syria.

Just 29 per cent said they wanted the party to support Tory PM David Cameron’s plan to use “hard military force” against Isis in Syria.

Stop the War Coalition chair Lindsey German said it showed most Labour members were “in tune with new leader Jeremy Corbyn.”

She told the Star: “The solution to every problem in the Middle East seems to be bombing, if you listen to the Prime Minister.

But the proposed bombing of Syria will only worsen the problem it is supposed to solve. It will worsen the refugee crisis and would help to create more terrorism. Most people understand this better than the politicians.

The poll will give confidence to Mr Corbyn and left activists before a possible vote on Syria air strikes at Labour conference next week.

An emergency motion is set to be debated that demands Labour MPs vote against bombing in Parliament unless it is authorised by the UN.

Not only do Labour members oppose a new intervention, they also want an end to British bombing in Iraq.

A squadron of more than 80 RAF Tornado jets are already bombing Isis targets in Iraq and the strikes are scheduled to continue until at least 2017.

But 56 per cent of Labour supporters polled are opposed to those air strikes, compared with 39 per cent who support the intervention.

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