Judge for Yourselves: Popular Referendums or Not in East Ukraine? Are They “Democratic”?
Global Research, May 19, 2014

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Eastern Ukrainians do not want to be part of Nulandistan. They gathered in droves and waited in long lines to vote, even though the the unelected US-supported Yatsenyuk regime tried to disrupt the voting by sending its militias into their cities.

The Yatsenyuk junta and its foreign backers, and much of the mainstream media in North America and the European Union are distorting the facts about the referenda that took place in Eastern Ukraine on May 11, 2014. The US and the European Union, two entities that support an undemocratic regime that came into power with violence and force, have hypocritically also declared that actual democratic voting in Eastern Ukraine has “no democratic legitimacy.”

Regardless of what one thinks about the legitimacy of the referendums, ironically when real “people power” is at play in places like Eastern Ukraine or Bahrain, where ordinary people are struggling for their rights, the US government and European Union always oppose them. The US government and its allies only hide behind human rights and democracy.

You be the judge if the referendums in Eastern Ukraine were democratic or not….

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