Jobs or War Frenzy, Arctic Clash, and China’s Creative Use of Debt

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The Great Depression of the XXI Century
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-11-20

Third Quarter Foreclosures up in 65% of Major Metropolitan Areas
– 2010-11-01

GDP report heralds still higher US unemployment
– by Barry Grey – 2010-11-01

Canada’s role in the persecution of child soldier Omar Khadr
– by Keith Jones – 2010-11-01

What is the Difference between a Depression and a “Slow Recovery”? Bernanke gets his “pink slip”
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-11-01

Wikileaks Docs Underestimate Iraqi Dead
– by Prof John Tirman – 2010-11-01

Voting with our Backsides.” This November’s Election of a New Congress
– by Michael Hudson – 2010-11-01

Raytheon Plans to Expand Patriot Missile System in Persian Gulf
– by Glen Carey – 2010-11-01

Let’s Rally to Restore Peace
– by Prof Marjorie Cohn – 2010-11-01

It’s Jobs or Wars, Not Both
– by David Swanson – 2010-11-01

The Cuban Revolution. Challenges and Changes.
– by Dave Holmes – 2010-11-01

U.S. “Quantitative Easing” is Fracturing the Global Economy
– by Michael Hudson – 2010-11-01

2010 Election: Referendum on Reality, Racism, and Revisionist History
– by Bill Noxid – 2010-10-31

Interpreting Jon Stewart’s Politics
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-10-31

Finding the ‘Cure’ for the ‘Cyber Epidemic’
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-10-31

Russia should enter NATO Alliance, Claims Report
– 2010-10-31

Russia and America Clash in the Arctic? Arctic Region. Prime Target of U.S. Expansionist Strategy
– by Vladimir Radyuhin – 2010-10-31

Why Human Rights is to be Seen in the Realm of Political Action
– by Dr Claudio Schuftan – 2010-10-31

Canada’s F-35 buy could trigger Arctic arms race: Expert
– by Juliet O’Neill – 2010-10-31

US Debt: A Recipe for Economic Disaster?
– by Rosanne Lim – 2010-10-31

Who’s calling the shots in Afghanistan? The Pentagon or the Mercenary Outfits?
– by Robert Bridge – 2010-10-30

Is talk of secession sedition? Arundhati Roy responds to charges
– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-30

China’s Creative Accounting: Using Debt as an Instrument of Economic Development
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-10-30

Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the Current Financial Crisis
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-30

Cash and Carry: The Business of American Politics and the Politics of Business
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-30

America Threatens Iran: The Anti-war Movement’s Trojan Horse
Two petitions, two approaches toward defending Iran
– by Phil Wilayto – 2010-10-30

Extensive War Crimes: Wikileaks Iraq War Logs: Legal Action is Unavoidable
– by Ad Hoc Committee for Justice for Iraq – 2010-10-30

The Global Monetary System in Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-30

Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-30

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program.
– by Jason Leopold, Jeffrey Kaye – 2010-10-29

Time for a New Theory of Money
By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-10-29

Lawyers Responsible for Authorizing Torture: Department of Justice’s “Watered Down” Report
FOIA Appeal to DOJ
– by David Swanson – 2010-10-29

BP Oil’s Stain on Science: Stifling Independent Research
An ecosystem biologist discusses how her effort to assess the oil spill’s damage is stifling independent research
– by Prof Linda Hooper-Bui – 2010-10-29

Key witness in Khadr case based testimony on work of anti-Muslim bigot
– by Hiram Lee – 2010-10-29

Millions march in France against pension cuts
– by Kumaran Ira, Alex Lantier – 2010-10-29

Cholera Catastrophe Spreads in Haiti
– by Kim Ives – 2010-10-29

9/11: FBI Suspicions that one of the WTC towers took a “secondary hit” before collapsing.
– by Steve Watson – 2010-10-29

Not Just Stocks: High Frequency Traders Manipulating Futures, Options, Bonds, Currency and Commodities Markets
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-29

MI6 chief: We need intelligence operations to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons
– by Cem Ertür – 2010-10-29

Israel – Palestine; Such is the Peace Process: Obama as a Salesman
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-10-29

Towards Military Escalation? U.S. And NATO Drag Asia Into Afghan Quagmire
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-29

War Frenzy and Women’s Rights
– by Prof Sunera Thobani – 2010-10-28

The Empire and the Right to Life of Human Beings
– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-10-28

BP and Halliburton Knew…
– 2010-10-28

VIDEO: Martial Law: U.S. Army Prepares to Invade the U.S.
Watch on GRTV
– by James Corbett – 2010-10-28

Child Soldier Omar Khadr Coerced Into Plea-Bargain
– by Keith Jones – 2010-10-28

Israeli Police Shoot ‘hated’ Arab Legislator in the Back
Protest met with rubber bullets
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-10-28

Venezuela: From “Backyard” to Multipolar World
– by Eva Golinger – 2010-10-28

BP’s Scheme to Dump Toxic Ship on South Asian Scrapping Beach Under Scrutiny by US Officials
– 2010-10-28

9 million Afghans live in extreme poverty
– 2010-10-28

Missing Nukes from the US Air Force: Treason of the Highest Order
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2010-10-28

War Crimes Continue Abroad as our Civil Liberties Crumble at Home
– by Joy First – 2010-10-28

NATO Threatens Russia: Moscow urges NATO to limit military presence near Russian borders
– by Vyacheslav Solovyov – 2010-10-28

Turkey: NATO’s Anti Ballistic Missile System: “May be deployed against either Iran or Russia”
– 2010-10-28

U.S. Nuclear Missile Incident in Wyoming Requires Thorough Investigation
– 2010-10-28

Coverup of an Environmental Catastrophe: Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-28

Globalization Creates Unemployment: American Job Loss Is Permanent
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-10-28

Income Inequality in America Continues to Grow
– by Dustin Ensinger – 2010-10-27

BP’s Environmental Disaster: Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil
– by Dahr Jamail, Erika Blumenfeld – 2010-10-27

VIDEO; The US Threatens Iran with “Safe Nuclear Weapons”
Fidel’s Message to the World
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2010-10-27

Hypocrisy? US Loses 50 Nukes
– 2010-10-27

Cholera Epidemic: Toxic Drinking Water Killing Haitians
Real Aid is Blocked
– by F. William Engdahl – 2010-10-27

Message to the US Media: “Killing Afghans who had nothing to do with what happened on 9/11”
– by Siddieq Noorzoy – 2010-10-27

Towards Martial Law in America: Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically during ‘National Emergencies’
Whistleblower: Coast Guard Implementing Martial Law
– by James Corbett – 2010-10-27

How does a branch of the military end up in the Department of Homeland Security, whose mission is to police the “homeland” and its residents?

Aziz’s story will remain untold
– by Pepe Escobar – 2010-10-27

International Conference on Palestinian Detainees, Gaza
– 2010-10-27

Pope says Iraq wrong to hang Tariq Aziz
Vatican urging Iraq not to hang former Deputy Prime Minister Tariz Aziz.
– 2010-10-27

Tariq Aziz, Sentenced to Death
– 2010-10-27

Obama Visit To Consolidate U.S.-Indian Strategic Military Ties
– 2010-10-26

Determined to Go to War: Unanswerable Questions. WMD, Bin Laden and the UN Security Council
A list of Questions that neither Bush nor Blair Could Answer
– by Tony Benn – 2010-10-26

Bernanke’s Dilemma: $4 Trillion in Quantitative Easing (QE)
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-10-26

Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico
– 2010-10-26

An Ocean Full of Oil
– by David Swanson – 2010-10-26

“Crisis is an Opportunity”: Engineering a Global Depression to Create a Global Government
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-10-26

The Global Economic Crisis As a Pretext for Global Governance

The Militarization of the Arctic. Canada’s Role
– 2010-10-26

Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV: “So Much Blood has been Spilt in Iraq”
Save The Life of Tariq Aziz
– by Felicity Arbuthnot, Tony Benn – 2010-10-26

Watch the Latest Videos on GRTV!
– 2010-10-26

Invasion of Pakistan imminent
– 2010-10-26

Economic Crisis and The Protest Movement: French Lessons for U.S. Workers
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-10-26

Ongoing Iran War Preparations? Arabian Sea: Center Of West’s 21st Century War
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-25

America and its NATO allies are escalating military operations across the area, from Asia to Africa to the Middle East.

Foreign troop deaths in Afghanistan near 600 for 2010
– by Jonathon Burch – 2010-10-25

The Kurdish National Question
A Historical Perspective
– by Salah Bayaziddi – 2010-10-25

Thank God for France: Resistance against the Neoliberal Policy Agenda
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-10-25

Haiti: U.N. MINUSTAH Forces Crack Down on Anti-Occupation Demonstrators
– by Isabeau Doucet – 2010-10-25

Global Research Needs Your Support
Become a Global Research Member
– 2010-10-25

Is Today’s Rate of Unemployment Higher than During the Great Depression of the 1930s?
– by Washington`s Blog – 2010-10-25

Ongoing Iran War Preparations, WikiLeaks, and the Troubled State of France
Selected Articles
– 2010-10-25

The Secret War Between Wikileaks and the Pentagon
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-25

War and the Conquest of Eurasia: Iran’s “Green Wave” Opposition and its Ties to Global Geopolitics
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2010-10-25

Pragmatic Iran: A Wild Card in the Eurasian Deck?

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program
– by Jason Leopold, Jeffrey Kaye – 2010-10-25

Deaths Revealed by Wikileaks Are the “Tip of the Iceberg”
– by Nicolas Davies – 2010-10-25

The Revolt Shaking France
– by Ahmed Shawki – 2010-10-25

Rosa Parks. In Memoriam: The Civil Rights Movement in the US
February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005
– 2010-10-24

Nine Years Ago: RAWA Statement on US Strikes on Afghanistan
Taliban should be overthrown by the uprising of Afghan Nation
– by Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan – 2010-10-24

The US- Saudi Military Deal And Global Military Expenditure
– by Chandra Muzaffar – 2010-10-24

Before Wikileaks, Iraq War Vets Revealed War Crimes
– by Laila Al-Arian – 2010-10-24

The WikiLeaks Release: U.S. Complicity and Cover-Up of Iraq Torture Exposed
The Frago 242 War Logs
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-10-24

The Paradox of Capitalism: The Relevance of John Maynard Keynes
– by Prof Prabhat Patnaik – 2010-10-24

Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!
An open letter to Juan Williams
– by Michael Moore – 2010-10-24

The Establishment U.S. Media: Comparative Treatment of the Iranian and Honduran Elections
Part II
– by Edward S. Herman, David Peterson – 2010-10-24

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