Italy’s “No-Guerra No-NATO”: The People of Europe against NATO and Washington’s Hegemony

Pro-Peace Demonstration, Rome, Monday 26 October 2015


For my comrade Giullietto Chiesa co-organizer of the Anti-NATO event in Rome on 26 October 2015 – my apologies for not being present, though I will be present in spirit. As a colleague from Delphi this is my message:

Here is to put today’s NATO into context.

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – today is a military alliance of twenty-six European and two North American countries (total 28) that constitutes a system of collective defence, created in 1949 by the twelve initial members (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the UK, and the United States), as an apparent shield against a Soviet invasion of Europe. Greece and Turkey, Europe’s most strategic locations, were coerced to join NATO in 1952; Germany followed in 1955 and Spain in 1982.

As we know by now, the Soviet threat was a farce the western people – mostly the people of the US and Europe – were made to believe by a massive and continuous propaganda campaign, a western propaganda of lies – not unlike today’s anti-Russia, anti-China supra-multi-billion dollars Zionist-Anglo-Saxon media misinformation.

At that time in 1949, the Soviet Union was totally destroyed by WWII and was no threat to anyone. In 1955, the Soviet Union countered NATO with the Warsaw Pact, officially called the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance. It was led by the Soviet Union and included eight communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. The so-called Cold War was nothing else but an instrument of fear to justify an almost endless arming of the NATO war machine, fuelling the mainly US military industrial complex – and the US economy.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany in 1990, as well as the dismemberment of the Warsaw Pact, there was no justification to maintain NATO. Indeed, the western ‘Allies’ – US, UK, and France – promised then President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, that NATO would not expand into Eastern Europe. – Although the veracity of this assertion is today debated, the German magazine DER SPIEGEL, carried out a profound investigation into this matter and in its Online paper of 26 November 2009 reports:

On Feb. 10, 1990, between 4 and 6:30 p.m., Genscher [Germany’s Foreign Minister] spoke with Shevardnadze [the Soviet Foreign Minister]. According to the German record of the conversation, which was only recently declassified, Genscher said: “We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.” And because the conversation revolved mainly around East Germany, Genscher added explicitly: “As far as the non-expansion of NATO is concerned, this also applies in general.” 

Shevardnadze replied that he believed “everything the minister (Genscher) said.”

On 2 February 1991, Genscher and the US Secretary of State, James Baker, agreed in Washington that there would be no expansion of NATO to the East. – Unfortunately, none of this was sealed in a written agreement.

Since 1999 and until 2009, 12 more countries, all east of Berlin, in the former Soviet area, were added, despite promises to the contrary – Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania and Croatia. That’s how much the West can be trusted. Today Russia is literally encroached by the NATO war machine.

NATO flexed its killer muscles in 1995 by merciless bombing of Bosnia and in 1999 the war on Kosovo – both without UN Security Council approval. These were the first two combat ‘trial runs’ of NATO. If they were tolerated by the West at large, thanks to massive propaganda and misinformation, more could follow. And more would follow indeed.

The infamous 9/11 auto-terror attack on US soil, triggered the endless war on ‘terror’, justifying an all-out war by the empire and its puppet, the European Union. The US-NATO war agenda is ‘divide and conquer’ by creating chaos. This concept dates back to the Roman Empire – and it still works today. The US NATO killing machine has destroyed Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and helped destroy many other nations – and is threatening Iran – by direct action as well as by proxy, by funding, arming and training terrorists, such as the Islamic State / IS-Daesh, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groupings – whose names are interchangeable for the convenience of confusing the public at large.

Since 9/11 an estimated 10 to 12 million people have lost their lives in wars and conflicts fuelled, instigated and carried out by the US-NATO war machine, or by proxies and mercenaries hired, funded, armed and trained by them throughout the world.

As long as there is NATO, there will be no peace. As long as there is NATO, Europe will be divided, economically and militarily. Europe should have listened to then French President, General De Gaulle, when in 1966 he withdrew France from NATO and warned that Europe will become dependent (vassals) of the US empire, lest, the European Nations or what at that time was the precursor to the EU, would mount their own defence to become and stay independent. De Gaulle was a visionary, as many are realizing today.

For Europe to prosper and become a socio-economic and political force by itself, Europe does not only have to exit NATO, each and every state, but become an autonomous and sovereign political structure. Today’s EU is far from it. Today Brussels listens to Washington’s heart beat and follows Washington’s dictate to the letter. Today’s EU economic and financial policies are designed by the FED and Wall Street, two ‘entities’ that are basically inter-changeable by the notion of ‘revolving doors’. They are reinforced by the IMF the extended arm of the US Treasury – as Greece has been witnessing for the last four and a half years. Worse, the EU is continuing letting Greece being annihilated by the infamous ‘troika’ – ECB, European Commission and IMF. Today’s Europe knows no solidarity – which is why its common currency, the Euro, is not sustainable. The currency has been in existence for a mere 15 years, yet it acts by mandate of Washington, as if it were irreplaceable.

The European Union as such is a valid concept. The EU, as it stands today, with its domineering commission in Brussels, secrecy, arrogance, dictatorship, can hardly be reformed. Just look at the TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a secretly negotiated US dominated corporate economic and trading enslavement parallel to NATO; together with the EU’s dollar-linked Euro monetary system run by a so-called European Central Bank, managed by a Goldman Sachs executive, is poised to become a societal and human disaster – if not stopped now, by US THE PEOPLE OF EUROPE.

The current EU needs to be dissolved and restructured as an economic and political federation whose main principle is solidarity among member nations, including in defence – and without any interference from outside, politically, militarily and economically – NO NATO. Only then can a strong Europe, even under today’s artificially created economic crisis, stronger than the US – become truly independent – become a federation of sovereign nations that can prosper on its own with partners of its choosing, to the East and to the West.

We, the people of Europe have to stand up against NATO. We must not let go. We must persist, until Europe is free from NATO, free from the Washington hegemony, free from political and financial coercions. We must look to alternatives – and alternatives exist.

This may sound like a huge challenge. However, as we are today cheering for a NATO-free Europe, geopolitical powers are shifting. Russia’s intervention in Syria is for the first time in almost 15 years bringing prospects of peace and stability back to the Middle East. Vladimir Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly on 28 September 2015 has awakened the world at large to reality.

Russia is not alone. Together with China and other members of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), as well as the SCO – Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including in addition to China and Russia, most of Central Asia, India, Pakistan and Iran, an alternative political, defence, economic and monetary model is being forged. It will be independent from our western, fraudulent dollar based system. This new alliance comprises about 50% of the world population and about one third of the globe’s total economic output. It offers hope for a new independent and NATO-free Europe.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik News, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance

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