It is Time to Break Up the Media Cartel
By Daniel Mills
Global Research, June 07, 2014
Economy In Crisis 5 June 2021
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Back in 1983, media was controlled by more than 50 different companies. Today power and control over the mainstream media has been condensed to a mere 6 giant corporations working behind the scenes to distract Americans from our countries real problems!

The alarming reality we live in is that 6 corporations (soon to be 5) including News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS, and Comcast decide what news is delivered to the public, and what level of truth is behind that news. They control everything we watch, read, and hear in regards to the news.

This is a troubling problem because it’s creating a public filled with ill-informed people.

Some are suggesting that by constantly feeding us biased news carefully crafted by these corporations, the public is becoming brainwashed to think the way they want us to think. We’re being brainwashed to only care and discuss the topics they want us to care about and discuss.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that there’s been little discussion about the damaging effects “free trade” has on our economy. None of the major news networks has published anything about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is set to encompass nearly 40% of the world economy. Instead, news agencies are reporting on issues which are not relevant to our economy.

There are so many things wrong with America and many Americans are sufferring because our government refuses to protect us. Our current presidential administration and the media simply aren’t telling us what we need to know about the issues that really matter. This is because if they did, the U.S. public would be protesting in the streets and questioning the economic decisions of our leaders

Even though 70% of Americans are against “free trade,” corporations support it because they make a lot of money from “free trade” agreements while the rest of the country suffers. That’s why the media doesn’t report when Americans gather to protest “free trade” agreements, they simply ignore it. They feed the public a slew of distractions to direct attention off of the real problems.

The media does this on purpose, because having an oblivious flock of “sheeple” mindlessly following them is exactly what President Obama and other prominent government figures, lobbyists and multinational corporations want. Having an oblivious public means those currently causing America harm with “free trade” agreements can continue to suck the life from this great country while simultaneously selling away the wealth of future generations to countries like China.

Because of the consolidation of the major media outlets, damaging agreements like President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) aren’t being talked about. The media is ensuring the public doesn’t find out President Obama is negotiating the TPP and TTIP in secret, because if we knew what was in the agreements, as Representative Alan Grayson has said, we’d surely protest.

Contact your Congressional representative and urge them to stand up to media bias and the corrupt leadership in Washington. Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same.

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