Israel-Palestine: Kerry’s One-sided “Framework Agreement”
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Global Research, February 02, 2014
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 This week, Martin Indyk and Thomas Friedman released details of John Kerry’s unacceptable acquiescence to Israeli demands in his soon to be released “framework agreement”. 

The framework is dead-on-arrival if these details are correct.  Kerry is demanding that the Palestinians declare that Israel is a Jewish state.  Is the U.S. officially a Christian nation?  No.  What happens to the 20% of Israeli citizens who are Palestinian Arabs [Muslims and Christians] in a “Jewish state”? John Kerry AIPAC  480 x 360

John Kerry’s Zionist credentials on display at an AIPAC conference (right)


John Kerry also is demanding that the Palestinians agree to give up the Right of Return.  For all this, what is John Kerry asking the Israelis to concede?  One tiny “concession” already laid out in international law: that the Palestinians can have their capital in East Jerusalem.


Pressure must be maintained on Mahmoud Abbas who does not have the authority from the Palestinian people to concede to Kerry’s demands.



See Thomas Friedman in the NYT.

and Martin Indyk in the New Republic

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Kerry’s Ridiculously One-sided “Framework Agreement” is DOA


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