Israel Kills or Injures Hundreds of Palestinian Refugees: Britain and America Watch in Silence
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, March 31, 2018

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The United Nations is held in contempt, by Israel, as Resolution 2334 of the UNSC is rejected: Trump and May actively supporting the criminal conduct of the Netanyahu government whose military action flagrantly violates international law and the express provisions of the Balfour Declaration in addition to flouting the Fourth Geneva Convention on Human Rights.

Security Council Resolution 2334, of 23 December 2016, demands the removal of all illegal settlers from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and although the state of Israel has an inalienable right to exist, it is prohibited from carrying out the ethnic cleansing of five million Muslim and Christian Arabs who are the majority indigenous people of the region.

War in the Middle East is now seen as inevitable as Trump puts North Korea on hold; appoints his war cabinet, and the Pentagon readies the USAF military machine to attack Iran and Lebanon, in collaboration with Israeli forces and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The US 5th Fleet is understood to be on high alert of preparedness for deployment to the Gulf, and the 6th Fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Global peace has never before been in such danger from nuclear war than now. Billions of people in over 190 countries worldwide are at risk from American-Israeli currently planned aggression and combined military action in defiance of the will – and to the danger, of both the UN and the European Union.

Hans Stehling (penname) is a frequent contributor to Global Research

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