Israel has already lost
By Abdul Ilah Albayaty
Global Research, January 14, 2009
14 January 2009
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In this historical moment, I think the future of the national progressive movement depends on its ability to make the relation between pan-Arab questions and the situation in each country.

The boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israel should be tied to revealing that the policies of the Arab regimes participated in making Israel capable of acting as it is. Support to Gaza should be tied to the freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration. The hunger of Gaza should be tied to the hunger of the poor and the economic policies of the compradore regimes, etc.

This should not be treated ideologically, as “left”, “nationalist” and “Islamist”, but as actual tasks of the Arab liberation movement. The Egyptian intellectuals’ declaration represents a step forward in this direction. The class struggle should be tied to national struggle.

Many discussions are now in the rubbish bin thanks to the resistance of Gaza.

No one can say anymore that Arabs are not one nation. Their resistances are different in place but the same in nature.

No one can say anymore that Israel can integrate in the Arab world.

No one can say that only Shias will liberate the Arabs because they praise martyrdom, covering up the Iraqi religious parties’ collaboration with the US invasion of Iraq. No one can say that the United States can bring democracy and wealth to Arabs, etc.

I am impressed not only by the resistance of Gaza, but also by the large participation of women and youth in Gaza and the Muslim world in demonstrations against the US and Israel. A new generation is born. Can the political leaders and intellectuals lead it to have a rising, uniting movement, or will the same splits between Nasserists, Baathists and leftists be repeated?

If the regimes are afraid it is because they know that most of those who demonstrate for Gaza are demonstrating against them.

In solidarity in resistance.

Abdul Ilah Albayaty is a political analyst living in France

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