Is Israel Just a European-Style Democracy but in the Middle East?
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, March 01, 2019

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Israel, in fact, is unlike any European state. It does not have a democratic government that ratifies and/or abides by international and United Nations resolutions, agreements and conventions on human and civil rights, nuclear/chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction, or conforms to international law and the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

Israel is an undeclared nuclear weapons state that is also a major arms exporter to regimes and governments around the world – its largest weapons market currently being India’s politically dangerous anti-Islamist coalition – the nationalist Modi government whose air-force reportedly used Israeli-supplied, Spice-2000 bombs in its strike, this week, against activists inside Pakistan, making the potential for war between these two nuclear powers now a frightening possibility.

It is a timely warning both for Britain and Europe to review their national security systems and to carefully examine both their reliance on Israeli-supplied security systems/ military equipment and the extent of any sharing of military intelligence.

Far from being a peace-loving, typical democracy that is a party to international and United Nations Security Council resolutions, agreements and conventions on human and civil rights and nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction, the Israeli state is probably the third most powerfully weaponised state in the world with the potential to destroy an entire continent and is answerable to no one – least of all the UN Security Council.

The Israeli government is armed and funded by a US Congress that is heavily dependent if not controlled by the votes of more than 50 million Christian Zionist evangelicals who also determine the policy of AIPAC and, in turn, US foreign policy.   It is certainly not democratic government by any stretch of the imagination, and political corruption would appear to be endemic.

Numbers (in round figures)

There are 326 million Americans of whom approximately 55 million (17%) are evangelical Christian Zionists and just 6 million (2%) are self-identified as Jewish.

AIPAC – the Israel lobby – has a claimed membership of only 100,000 mainly Jewish Zionists but is nevertheless active in determining the composition of the US Congress which overwhelmingly supports the AIPAC agenda that, inter alia, supplies and arms Israel with billions of dollars of American tax-payers’ money, every twelve months.

There are approximately 8 million Israelis in former Palestine of whom 20% are Arab – now with reduced civil rights under an Israeli law recently enacted by the Netanyahu administration.

The international community is not dealing here with a state that adheres to any recognised rule of international law – it being a law unto itself. And that is a very serious problem indeed for global peace and international security.


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Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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