Israel (20,000km2) Considers the Annexation of Sinai (60,000km2) in An Act of War Against Egypt
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, July 05, 2015

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Such an aggressively expansionist move, ostensibly to deter political unrest on its southern border – which runs from Rafah to Eilat – but in reality an effort by the Netanyahu administration to become a hegemonic power in the region, would be strongly opposed by the U.S., Britain and Russia and the entire UNSC.

In an action that would inevitably instigate a full scale regional conflict involving Egypt, ISIL, Hezbollah and Israel, this latest expansionist thinking by the Netanyahu government could well bring about a paradigm shift in Middle East geo-politics and global groupings.

1967 Six Day War: Israeli Conquest of Sinai

It has been recognised for some years that Netanyahu’s Likud policy of illegal settlement would inevitably lead to war at some stage but a forced annexation by Israel of the entire Egyptian Sinai Peninsula was never envisaged.

Such a crude military action would immediately sever relations between Egypt and Israel leaving Jordan as Israel’s only diplomatic connection in the entire Middle East. And that would leave America’s vassal state virtually isolated within a political environment determined to force its relocation by any means at any cost. An invidious situation that would be construed as being self-imposed by a right-wing Knesset intent on illegal expansion at the expense of the indigenous peoples of the area and in contempt of the wishes of the United Nations General Assembly.

Any attempt by the Netanyahu government to colonise Sinai would greatly exacerbate the current global perception of Israel as an undeclared nuclear weapons state intent on achieving Middle East hegemony in an existential hostile action against the historic indigenous peoples of the region. And that would be an explicit threat to world peace and global stability.

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