Is the US Ambassador to Israel A Citizen of Israel?
By Global Research News
Global Research, March 25, 2017

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Is the US represented in Israel by a de facto citizen of Israel, supportive of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, committed to repealing Israeli citizenship to Palestinian Israelis? Not according to official documents and statements. 

According to Mat Staver, President of Christians in Defense of Israel:   “Friedman loves Israel and he loves America. He is a citizen of both and intimately understands both nations…. ” 

“While some who oppose him argue that he has divided loyalties because of his Israel and U.S. citizenship, his dual citizenship is actually a plus.” 

While the reports of his Israeli citizenship are unconfirmed, Ambassador Friedman is in conflict of interest.  According to Jonathan Cook, Friedman has “a long history of support not only for the Israeli right but for some of the most extreme elements in Israel’s settler movement.”

Is this not a contradiction? A de facto Israeli national aligned with the Zionist regime representing Washington. Does it not go against the rules of international diplomacy?

This matter seems to have been overlooked during the US congressional hearings. No questions asked regarding “de facto citizenship”. Imagine what would have happened if Trump had appointed a Russian citizen to head the US embassy in Moscow.

According to Zionists of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein,

 “This is a great day for America, Israel, the Jewish people and Amb. David Friedman. He will be the most pro-Israel pro-America Ambassador to Israel in history….”

It is worth noting that Israel’s current ambassador to the US Ron Dermer is a US citizen born in Miami Beach, educated in the US, who then decided to move to Israel. The Israeli government, however, required that he give up his US citizenship upon his first appointment to Israel’s embassy in Washington.
Michel Chossudovsky contributed to this report
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