Iran, Towards a War Pretext Incident? Hezbollah Plotting World Cup Attack

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Yedioth Internet: Hezbollah Plotting World Cup Attack

Sunday May 28th 2006, 9:00 pm

“Israel has warned European and American intelligence bodies of possible attempts by Hizbullah cells, led by Imad Mugniyah, to carry out terror attacks during the upcoming World Cup tournament in Germany,” reports Yedioth Internet. “According to the report, the terror plot is aimed at proving to the international community that Tehran is capable of retaliation if attacked.”

Of course, if Iran actually does this, it will demonstrate its leadership has gone stark raving bonkers, as it would provide an ironclad pretext for Israel and the United States to shock and awe the nation into Stone Age submission. Considering this, and the fact the Israelis and neocons are shopping for just a handy pretext, we can assume with a fair degree of accuracy the above mentioned “intelligence bodies,” with the unmentioned Mossad taking the lead, are responsible for conjuring up this nonsense.

Determined to demonize Iran to such a degree that bunker-busting and possibly mini-nuking the country actually becomes viable—or salable, especially if the World Cup is attacked—an earlier Yedioth report claims, by way of the neocon newspaper the New York Post, “that Hizbullah may be planning to activate sleeper cells in New York and other big cities to stage an attack as the nuclear showdown with Iran heats up,” even though Hezbollah “would not jump to Tehran’s defense if the U.S. launched a strike against its nuclear programme but would step in if the conflict spread to Lebanon, its deputy chief said…. Sheikh Naim Kassem told Reuters that the guerrilla group, which was established by Iran in the early 1980s but has since grown into a political party with 14 seats in parliament, had no plans to get involved in regional battles.”

It should be remembered that Hezbollah was organized in response to Israel’s illegal and brutal invasion of Lebanon in 1982, although the corporate media, and even the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (seemingly amenable to and biased in favor of Zionism), prefer to characterize the organization as little more than “an amalgamation of various violent Shi’a extremists” determined to “spread the Islamic Revolution” at the behest of Iran, the late Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini, and in the name of the Guardianship of the Jurisprudents (a Shi’a Twelver doctrine regarding Islamic leadership).

In fact, Hezbollah was forged out of Israeli atrocities against the people of southern Lebanon, as the Israelis are known to deal harshly with Arabs in countries they invade and, in the case of Palestine and the area known as the Shebaa Farms, territory they illegally occupy. In fact, Hezbollah remains engaged in a low-intensity conflict with Israel precisely over Shebaa Farms and continual Israeli border crossings and provocations. Naturally, the corporate media, so patently slanted in favor of Israel and dismissive (when not entirely omissive) of its long-standing crimes against Arabs and Muslims, cannot be expected to be objective, especially now that attacking Iran is so obviously part of the Straussian neocon and Israeli game plan.

Of course, there is no way to predict if there indeed will be attacks during the World Cup tournament in Germany, but if there are we can expect the Straussian neocons and their Israeli collaborators to take full advantage of the situation. “US officials opposed to an attack on Iran fear the Bush Administration would take advantage of such terror attacks to launch an offensive that, according to the officials, would settle the Iranian nuclear crisis and boost the president’s approval rating,” adds Yedioth, failing to mention the other half of the story—such an attack was long ago conjured up in Israel by fanatical Jabotinskyites who stand to gain, not Hezbollah, now a bona fide political party with a substantial standing in the Lebanese parliament.

It is, to say the least, crazy to believe Iran would launch a terrorist attack against Germany simply to demonstrate to “the international community that Tehran is capable of retaliation if attacked,” and it is also crazy to believe Hezbollah would collaborate in such a feverish and stupid operation that would assuredly result in a fresh round of privation and misery for the Lebanese people.


No sooner did I post the above, I came across an article allegedly published by al-Watan al-Arabi, a Lebanese weekly, posted on Laura Mansfield’s blog. “I don’t know how credible this report it—so please take it for what it is. The translation comes from the US Government FBIS Translations,” warns Mansfield.

“Recently, the US intelligence acquired reports and information warning that the Hizballah US cells would shortly be given the green light. Al-Watan al-Arabi has learned that the US intelligence has started to take these threats extremely seriously and has made a list of possible targets in light of these reports and information and the Iranian precedents in this regard. According to informed sources, these US expectations consider the likelihood that a huge bridge, a nuclear reactor, a high-rise building, or a financial center might be targeted. They have been expecting that Iranian intelligence might entrust Hizballah with mounting further dangerous attacks, rather than destabilizing the country, spreading panic, and threatening the security of citizens,” a completely natural series of events, considering the equivocating neocons and their Israeli collaborators need Iran invaded, posthaste.

Al-Watan al-Arabi continues:

One of the scenarios called for serious preparations against Hizballah cells carrying out suicide operations targeting top US officials in response to a plan of assassinations, which Tehran says a secret US unit had entered Iran to carry out. An expert says that the plan has failed twice in assassinating President Ahmadinezhad but has succeed in liquidating several officials from the Revolutionary Guard and the intelligence, and that the hard-line wing in Tehran decided to retaliate in kind. Thus, Iran asked one of the Hizballah cells in Latin America to carry out this retaliation and that they had crossed the US border from Mexico some weeks ago.

Indeed, the information provided by this expert goes so far as to affirm that a secret assassination unit belonging to Hizballah received training on such operations at the Imam Ali Camp near Tehran and that some reports went so far as to indicate that the official who would be targeted is US Vice President Dick Cheney.

It seems that selecting Cheney for assassination was for two reasons. The first is logistical; namely, the difficulty of targeting the US President in view of the protection measures around him. The second is political and is due to the Iranian leadership’s conviction that the man behind the planning of wars against Iran is the vice president who leads the US hard-line current and who is supervising the entire project of changing regimes in the region.

How exactly Hezbollah will hit one of the most reclusive vice presidents in U.S. history, who is obviously covered by a phalanx of armed goons every single time he ventures out into public, is not mentioned. But never mind. Such “scenarios” are not intended to make sense, but rather build layer by layer the impression that Iran is a rogue and criminal state, determined not only to develop nukes and use them against our “friend” Israel, but also take out our beloved vice president.

Indeed, as Bush says, the neocons are “catapulting the propaganda,” and it is reaching a hysterical and surrealistic point of no return that will ultimately rival the lies and deceptions in the months leading up to the Iraq invasion.

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