Iowa: Where The Democrats’ DNC Dreams Go to Die. Bernie, The “Trumpian Front Runner”

Or, … What a Difference a Day Makes!


After months of the DNC’s daily water boarding of the American public with their manufactured jurisprudence know as The Impeachment, these same political wizards of electioneering have in one day, Monday, galvanized the person they most detest. This week’s political disaster in Iowa rocketed Bernie Sanders into pronounced Trumpian front runner status and thus exposed the DNC – yet again- for what it really is:A cabal of status quo elitists no different than the RNC puppets they purport to oppose.

Just four years ago the undeniable documentary revelations of the rigging of the 2016 primaries by the DNC to support their chosen arch-capitalist, Hillary Clinton, was exposed in a tidal wave of factual information released by Wiki Leaks. This proved that the DNC- Wasserman-Shultz, Brazile, Podesta, etc., al, were controlling, right down to the debate questions, everything about the campaign coverage and DNC support. Everything had been scripted to allow for their anointed “Queen of Corruption” to be stuffed up the ass of the American voter without challenge. To do so, they had, then, to defeat Bernie, and this they did.

This DNC corruption was so noxious that even rabid Clinton disciple Seth Rich decided to pull a too convenient Vince Foster before his own conscience exploded. Beyond these ultimately self-destructive Wiki Leaks revelations, anyone also paying attention to the thrown 2016 primary election in California would have noticed that the plot to steal the nation’s biggest delegate count was a DNC top-to-bottom hit job. This election fraud forever took the wind out of the sails of the Sanders campaign within a few weeks of the convention. So, this choice never made it to the voters.



To review in brief: This past Monday, Feb 3, 2020, just mere hours after the launch of the 2020 version of a national US election, and with forty-nine state primaries to go, the potential voter was treated to an inaugural prime-time example that strongly indicated that DNC corruption continues unabated. Although reported in far better detail by others, the allegations of Monday night turned the heads of many an already disgusted voter.

In doing so, the DNC also put a fork in each and every one of the other candidates by implicitly lumping them in as co-defendants of these treasonous allegations.

Ten hours later, and in the days to follow, the other half of voting America- no matter how much media counter spin- knew that there was only one candidate that was not involved in the mess in Iowa, and that is Sanders.

A new app created quickly by-you just can’t make this stuff up– a shadowy company called “Shadow, Inc.”was rushed into design specially to take the place of the traditional phone-in results method as done for generations. Depending on point of view this App went conspicuously or suspiciously wrong resulting in these past days of DNC damage control.

The App was designed and implemented by Shadow with direct involvement by state party officials and the DNC and their app was altering results as they were entered. The discovery of the election fraud began when Black Hawk County supervisor Chris Schwartz shared the election results in his county on Facebook as the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) tallies were slowly tabulated for each of the caucuses.

Sanders’ supporters quickly highlighted the fact that the IDP’s reported numbers for Black Hawk County were different from those reported by Schwartz, with votes taken from Sanders and given to minor fringe candidates Deval Patrick and Tom Steyer. Then, the IDP suddenly announced that it would be making “a minor correction to the last batch of results.” These changes includedBlack Hawk County which gave Sanders back some votes however the totals were still different.

Pause for concern continued to rise when interviews with caucus officials revealed that the app had, days before, already been widely reported as having problems. Reportedly, precinct captains from across Iowa realized days before the caucuses that the app was not working properly. Complaints were provided to county party leadership. Phone in as a back-up option was reason not to worry at the time.

Only about one-fourth of the nearly 1700 precinct chairs were able to successfully download the app, however. All this advanced billing of the pending disaster fell on deaf ears at the State party and DNC level, setting the whole mess up for additional unnecessary embarrassment when the phone bank back-up- normally in the past used for tabulations without incident- was so poorly staffed and trained that precinct captains who tried to call in their results were thwarted for hours if not disconnected after waiting forever on the line.

As reported by CNN and The New York Post as of Thursday the DNC, not the IDP, began “running the show” in managing damage control of the Iowa caucus scandal. This scandal will certainly be of great importance in all the primaries to come since in the mind of the corruption weary voter this whole saga at the very least smells real bad. But to many what this all shows is that once again this 2020 Democratic presidential primary is actively being rigged by the same committee which orchestrated the last Democratic presidential primary scandal; against the same candidate: Bernie Sanders.

On Thursday Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez- the same Tom Perez who was caught the week before underhandedly approving a very tidy and unapproved severance package for himself called on the Iowa Democratic Party to “immediately begin a re-canvass” of the state. Perez issued his statement knowing that Sanders was about to hold a press conference in New Hampshire, where he is campaigning for the February 11 primary, in order to announce actual victory subsequently to the final results. Conspicuously, Sanders did not provide any criticism of the Iowa Democratic Party for delaying the report of the results for many days.

It was quickly revealed that the app’s creators, Shadow, is linked to the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and other vociferously anti-Sanders disciples by no more than two degrees of separation. Buttigieg’s campaign paid Shadow $42,500 for what they termed “software rights and subscriptions”but claimed no role in the app used by the Iowa Democratic Party. This admission was naturally perceived as seed money provided for the crime. Buttigieg nailed himself further to the cross of democratic heresy with his too-eager squeal of victory on Monday night. Considering the reality of the true caucus totals this was seen as an admission of guilt.

With all but one of nearly 1,800 precincts tallied, Sanders leads Buttigieg by 43,671 to 37,557 votes, with Senator Elizabeth Warren in third place with 32,553. Sanders had 24.8 per cent of the vote compared to 21.3 per cent for Buttigieg. Biden and Klobuchar are now justly relegated to the outhouse of history.

Sanders- by 3.5% in a field of three- is a tidy victory for Sanders.

In the way of the Iowa caucuses, Sanders had a smaller lead in the second round, after those backing “unviable candidates” (those with less than 15 per cent support) were allowed to switch their votes. Buttigieg’s lead in “state delegate equivalents” arises from the overrepresentation of rural areas, where he ran stronger in the apportioning of delegates.

However, Sanders overcame Buttigieg’s narrow lead in delegates thanks to votes in some satellite caucuses, which were held outside normal hours or outside the state to accommodate voters unable to attend the regular caucuses that began at 7 p.m. on Monday. As example, in two results reported on Thursday, one satellite caucus for night-shift workers at a food processing plant in Ottumwa, and the other for students and workers at Drake University in Des Moines, Sanders collected nine “state delegate equivalents” compared to zero for Buttigieg.

The figures showed the gap between Buttigieg and Sanders, in terms of “state delegate equivalents,” narrowing to near nonexistence. That did not stop the bulk of the corporate ABB media from continuing to present Buttigieg as the “surprise” victor in Iowa and Sanders as the second-place finisher, even claiming that Sanders’ comfortable lead in the polls ahead of the New Hampshire primary was in danger.


With the app and its creators, its users and its benefactors all seemingly caught red-handed, and without a Russian in sight, this debacle of election fraud is all too obvious and undeniable to many a budding 2020 voter who remains in hope of a personal choice in the matter.  Only one viable candidate was not implicitly caught in this web of DNC self-destruction.

The DNC, once again proving ignorant of the First Rule of Holes and the applied sage wisdom of  Lincoln this past week has shown that Perez & Co. believe they can indeed “fool all the people all the time.” The DNC ‘s furious attempts to paddle through this shit storm has instead revealed to many a democratic party voter that the party asking for their vote is now so full of it that their eyes, as of Monday night,  have turned brown.

Buttigieg too anxiously tied himself to these allegations by declaring himself, in Juan Guaido-like fashion, to be the victor too early. This did not help his cause either since he did so at the height of the debacle when the results were not nearly official. About thirty-three seconds later it was revealed that Buttigieg himself had one way or the other tossed in forty-two large with Shadow, Inc. Of course, the plucky little mayor excused the matter away, but once again, in the mind of the voter, this was enough to throw feathers at the tar firmly stuck to Buttigieg’s front running face.

Like 2016, the DNC’s ongoing ABB plot (Anybody But Bernie) is more than election-rigging of the highest order. This coup to deny the American voter a choice in this election is pure democratic treason. As considered in a previous article, the DNC is no longer an opposition party. It is a mouthpiece for ongoing failure.

Political Kharma often provides the fuel for farce, however, so Monday night in Iowa amusingly blew-up in the faces of the whole DNC leadership. As hour by hour the allegations of- and connections to- DNC meddling poured in, the one candidate who was not tainted by this was Bernie. With approx half the country’s voters already enraptured by the Marmalade Messiah’s siren’s song and gleefully predisposed to their one upcoming POTUS vote, the other half is waking up to many truths about their democratic Turd Sandwich options that the DNC is shoveling repeatedly in their direction.


After Monday and on to the convention, the new primary election concerns here in Iowa will firmly displace all other democrat’s concerns nationally: That the DNC and all their offerings do not have the voter’s interests at heart. While this revelation is too long overdue, it will carry on in the minds of the voter for months, primary upon primary.

In that time, only one candidate will be the singular outsider. Thanks to Monday, Sanders is no longer just a perceived Democrat: He is now an independent.

Immediately that night and in these few days following, Sanders and his socialist rhetoric have been thus galvanized. His campaign, by standing out from the DNC pack, has become the one political being that the DNC has proved to the voter time and again that it is not: an opposition.

At this point, already no other candidate can or will be able to feature himself as the true opposition candidate. All save Sanders punted that forever on Monday night. As such, the persona known as “Bernie,” has at the same time moved far beyond purported campaign leadership as the necessary “socialist.” The DNC has made him more than that. Bernie Sanders is now the biggest threat the DNC has faced since LBJ three generations ago… a populist!

Coincidently, this is just what- in the minds of the other half of US voters-America now needs.

As is reflected in dozens of worldwide political examples, America too is rightfully hungry, if not desperate, for true opposition leadership. Sanders is now the perceived outsider, the dark horse, the pale rider and the one hope for change. Stir in a healthy dose of his socialist programs mantra with Monday’s inquisition and Sanders will post-Iowa see a meteoric rise in the polls. His campaign is now the political anathema that scares the American political status quo on both sides of the political aisle right down to their soulless capitalist greedy little hearts. As such, Bernie’s shtick is Catnip to the millions of outraged disenfranchised voters who just won’t stomach a vote for the RNC’s Giant Douche; instead preferring to stay at home.

These dark minions and the voters at large should too well remember the meteoric and completely unpredictable rise to power of the last American populist. One, who his party also tried desperately to minimize and vilify using all its resources. One who offered himself, too, as an outsider that therefore could be trusted to provide opposition to the status quo of both corrupt parties. A man who said he would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with hispeople while marching on to a victory for truth, justice and the American way.

Long term election memory is not required in this quiz since the very last populist to rise to power against his own party and seize the nomination was…..Donald J. Trump.


Exactly four years ago, Trump was a laughing stock of all media that far preferred the status quo candidates of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio and their ilk of other RNC monsters. But this was not to be. In the face of these media winds, Trump’s “populism” although more akin to Goebbels than Roosevelt or Johnson, shifted in Trump’s favor as soon as the RNC powers realized that Trump’s populism would overpower their political machine and its propaganda at the convention. One look at a Fox News clip from then and present shows how completely these winds have shifted in just those four years. If not those few months.

A populist, applied to the Sanders campaign, is offered as far more than a socialist. Although America has good reason to gravitate to socialism by modern-day necessity, Americans are bred from birth to inherently detest such Russian folly. However, the mantle of the populist covers much more because the populist offers more: he/she/it offers representation. Honest representation. Opposition? Here, as history has proven- fools always rush in.

The promise of the populist: that they are indeed personally looking out for each and every voter while bucking the system in their favor, and their promise to do so when elected, is an allure that Sanders has been suddenly awarded by default and the DNC. Sanders talks in the language of the austerity ridden, oligarch trodden American. There are vast sums of statistics to bolster this, and Sanders has already made far greater detailed use of these than his counterparts to highlight his prima face socialist allegations. With the populist able to seize and hold the political moral high ground over the other discredited candidates, the voter hence chooses the populist, not because of his socialist offerings, but because of a pure desire for self-preservation via opposition. And the voter’s self-derived belief in one man.

Now that the DNC has shown its true colors-red-Sanders has become that true blue populist. To take on the mantle of the populist the candidate must be perceived as utterly different, anti-establishment and the new vanguard of real upcoming change. This was the case with Trump in 2016. And Obama 2008.  On Monday night, the DNC gave this same populist perception and more to one and only one democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Will Sanders have the guts to use this new arsenal of political cannon fodder? One word might best be used to begin that examination: California.


Of course, the campaign perception that is “Bernie Sanders” as he now appears in the quadrennial democratic performance of democracy meekly titled, “2020,” belies the requested faith of the voter. Under equal examination, Sanders is a political shill of no different proportions than “Dirty Joe” Biden, “Me, Cherokee” Warren,“Mighty Mouse” Buttigieg or the Marmalade Messiah himself. But, all political miscreants know that the voter has long ago been proven to be politically dull as a butter knife and as mentally malleable as play-dough, so it is only the image, not the man himself, that they offer to the lemming-like voters.

With this recently enhanced image Sanders now effectively takes a clear path to the DNC convention finish line on the outside rail while the remainder of the pack bump and grind to reestablish – if not separate- themselves from the pack of associated traitors who were too close to this likely election-rigging to wash off the mud.

Sanders is, however, the candidate free to offer his outsider’s populist and increasingly socialist platform to the public without the heavy baggage of his opponents. His brand of socialism will develop all the more flavor for it. The outraged voter has not forgotten the 2016 DNC treason: a suddenly revealed collective treason that can easily be blamed for Trump suddenly prevailing over the thus acknowledged criminal H.R. Clinton as POTUS in the final few weeks. After Monday, these same voters again have no doubt as to the worth of their vote applied to any democratic candidate other than Sanders.

In a sign of the momentum to come to the Sanders campaign announced that it had raised $25 million from more than 648,000 donors in January, the best fundraising month of the campaign, with an average donation of $18, most of it on-line. These included 219,000 first-time donors. A campaign statement declared, “Working-class Americans giving $18 at a time are putting our campaign in a strong position to compete in states all over the map.” Yeah, whatever… but these are Howard Dean type numbers and a strong sign of the times applied to from now until July. If Sanders doesn’t accidentally “pull a Dean” before the convention, its going to be one hot time in Milwaukee.

If Bernie does grow a pair and effectively rides the tidal wave of support that the DNC has unwittingly provided him, he will enter the July 13-16, 2020 convention in Wisconsin as the clear established front runner…with an established platform. He can easily remain the outsider, the independent and the perceived opposition candidate even as the DNC has shifted gears to give Bloomberg his money’s worth; allowing him to buy his way onto the debate stage.

The already agonized voter watched by the minute for four days as their candidates fell on the sword now known as Iowa. Their implied suicide left Sanders to gallop off towards New Hampshire where the point spread for this Tuesday is rising quickly and predictably in his favor.

Sanders and his American socialism, however, will not get the wholesale trade winds of the corporately controlled media to shift behind him as Trump managed to do. With the conventional media dying a quick death in similar DNC fashion as being part of the systemic problems facing the voter, and with Sanders running a Howard Dean style quest for support and grassroots contributions, Sanders, regardless of media bias, is now set up to make the convention a real must-see event, a disaster for the DNC established order and –even better- provide the spectacle of a real slugfest of duplicitous political power to the American voter.

Will the DNC have the brass to steal the nomination from the frontrunner on national television?

Will Bernie show his true colors…again?


But lest the voter delude themselves with this supposed opportunity for populist change, the voter must remain tempered.

For when thus ultimately prevailing in November Sanders will be assaulted, bludgeoned, horse-whipped and thrashed into a bloody semi-coherent political pulp by the full weight of the RNC– and the DNC– and the strong arm thugs of the US media, in a manner that will make the Nixon v. McGovern debacle look like a simple pocket frisk.

Upon the ashes of this carnage, the American voter will understand the singular most primal American political truism, one that guaranteed beforehand Sanders’ presidential demise. The one uniquely American endemic figment of the imagination that, in 2020, will again reign supreme in the minds of the voters when they enter the private secrecy of the polling booth.

In America, to the voter, forever, “S” will always equal “C.”


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