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Doped and fattened, we are being lied to like never before. Our minds are scientifically manipulated to teach us contempt for how others are treated. Sold subservience and wars of aggression, we’re ‘bringing freedom to women,‘ ‘education to girls.‘ These are our justifications for invading entire nations, for taking tens of millions of people back to the Stone Age, and for killing and maiming millions upon millions of innocent human beings.

We have 24/7 military budget reality TV shows, some spanning decades. Back-to-back thrillers are woven into a brilliant, sometimes confusing plot – Desert Storm, Shock & Awe, War on Terror, and many more. Themes evolve, realities change, new shows spring up when old ones expire. Truths become lies. Lies become the truth. All over the world, beamed up into space, we watch – the spectacle is live, visceral. This is our news. It helps sell pizza.

But for the people on the ground – the people we don’t see on our television screens – this is no movie: Pilotless drone bombs wedding party, scores killed. Imagine this is your mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, cousin, grandma, niece, or nephew all murdered in one shot. Imagine your entire world blown to smithereens right before your eyes. Imagine screams, blood, flesh from the people you love blown off their shattered bodies, blown all over you. Later, on the TV in the local cafe (if one still exists), imagine hearing the words ‘Collateral damage,’ spoken by the television host translating the muted lips of a groomed Westerner. Imagine yourself shaking with rage – a new extremist.

Bug splat. Wipe it off and move on.

This is what we do to people all over the world, in so many different ways, every day. We do it to line the pockets of our elite, who’ll do anything for a buck. ‘We don’t do body counts.’ ‘500 000 [slaughtered children] is worth it.’ Will we allow them to get away with anything in exchange for a life of consumerist serfdom?

We are creating a situation where millions live with just one ambition – revenge. We’ve left them no choice. We’ve stolen everything that matters to them, from them.

They’re primitive, they behave like wild animals.’ ‘They’re cruel, they’re heartless.’ ‘They don’t have the same feelings as us.’ That’s what they said when I was a boy. That was Apartheid South Africa. ‘Mandela is a terrorist.’

Now look in the mirror.

They mistreat their women.’ ‘Sharia law is crazy.’ ‘We’re going to set them free, bring them democracy, civilize them.’ Really? Who do we think we are kidding?

The ones they meet are our boys. Our boys call them rag-heads. Our boys carry the big guns. Do we really expect them to believe we respect them? In Apartheid South Africa we held the whips, we called them kaffirs, we carried the big guns. They knew we didn’t respect them.

The people we are attacking now were not concerned with us and our device driven lives before we interfered with theirs. They live in small, rural communities real communities. They till their fields, repair things, grind grain, tend animals. Then, out of the blue they hear a high pitched scream for a second or two – boom, oblivion! Now the survivors know who we are. Now they have only one thing left to live for. Can we really blame them?

These days we are told to fear Jihad, to fear a world taken over by crazed Muslims. I ask those who tell us these things to show me a single Western nation under occupation by Islam, radical or otherwise. Ever since I’ve been around it is the Judeo-Christian world that has been the brutal aggressornon-stop. The Islamic and much of the Third World cowers under our brutality.

Terrorists – who are the real terrorists?

We are now into the seventh decade of a holocaust being methodically conducted against the Palestinian nation by the Jewish state, yet we stand by, virtually silent. If any of us dares speak out, cry foul, we are automatically labeled anti-Semitic. Each year we watch as the atrocities get more outrageous, and we call them terrorists. We call the prisoners terrorists. We call the Palestinians terrorists.

And we call the terrorists Israelis.

These days in Israel, political popularity contests are won on body counts. Witness the 94% approval ratings for the 2008/2009 Gaza massacre, where 1416 men, women and children enclosed in a walled, open air prison were slaughtered live on TV – a spectacular blitzkrieg. Three Israeli civilians were killed, and 10 Israeli soldiers died – four in ‘friendly fire’ incidents and six while participating in the massacre of the people in the open air prison.

In Israel, some folks picnic to watch the spectacle, but for us, the Western audience, it is reality TV at its finest – shot in panorama to enable a G rating for the dinner crowd. Operation Cast Lead, a special two week fireworks display and bloodbath to bring in the New Year. Brazen war crimes are witnessed by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, stomachs yet stuffed with Christmas turkey.

There are other people in the world who see the other side, the sheer terror being inflicted upon an entire nation trapped. They notice when hundreds of thousands of sitting ducks are selectively plucked out of existence or collectively blown to pieces, all with the tacit and full support of the Western powers. There is seething global outrage, murmurs of civil unrest. The system has to be seen to act. The United Nations appoints a fact-finding mission to investigate. To appease the Jewish state and powerful Zionist interests around the world, a Zionist judge, who, in the 1980s enforced the draconian ’emergency laws’ of Apartheid South Africa (Richard Goldstone) is named to head up the mission. His report finds war crimes on both sides; apparently a nation trapped in a walled prison camp may not defend itself.

Later in the year, ‘Obama for changesweeps justice away. Even the Goldstone report means nothingIsrael plans its next war. Lebanon? Iran? Gaza again? Americans pay for thisIsrael receives massive military and economic funding from the US taxpayer.

Why do American citizens pay to kill Palestinians? Is it because they don’t know? Why does the rest of the Western world stand by and watch this atrocity, allowing such obscene crimes against other human beings to be committed, not to mention distortions of truth and justice? Is it because we don’t know? I hope so because the alternative is too frightening to contemplate.

Israel sits on top of Palestine. Most Palestinians were chased from their homes in 1948. They’ve spent over six decades in illegal exile, in concentration camps. That’s over sixty years – generations. A life sentence in almost all civilized countries is 25 years; what were the crimes of those men, those woman, those children? What are the crimes of these men, these women, these children? They hold title to their homes, in villages that were crushed by bulldozers and tanks, or occupied by Jewish colonists from Europe, arriving to settle their ‘promised land.’

Can we try to imagine being forced to live in the most densely populated prison camp on earth, surrounded by walls, fences, angry bullies with guns, tanks and killer CATs, backed by the overwhelming military might of a superpower? Can we imagine being part of an entire population that has been starved and enslaved, until cheaper servants could be brought in? That has been slaughtered at will, demoralized daily?  This is the plight of the Palestinian nation. Do we not have the humanity to feel the loss of dignity that these people have endured, to exclaim in horror at the preposterous kill ratio if nothing else? Are these people, these men, women, boys and girls good to go as piss-ons for supremacists to play with and exterminate at willblowing up schools, UN facilities, police stations full of men, pregnant mothers, little old ladies, boys and girls with no future? Is it really fair to be constantly reminded to engage our sympathy and guilt regarding the Holocaust, an event that took place before most of us were born, while simultaneously being told to disengage our humanity regarding a contemporary situation of such magnitude? One in which we are complicit and have the power to stop?

Why is it that this holocaust is being virtually ignored by our mainstream media, by our entertainment and movie industry? Who is behind this obvious deception? Why, if every human life has equal value, do we support this atrocity, this genocidal lie? Indeed, if we really do stand for ‘never again,’ why are we not putting a stop to what these people are doing?  

Some talk of a two state solution for Israel and Palestine – but is this not an almost exact replica of Apartheid South Africa, right down to the Bantustans? Where on earth can you kick an entire nation of people off a piece of geography and into permanent prison camps, then decree an exclusive state for yourself and your fellow chosen people? It is madness. All the people must share the land and the resources, just like anywhere else. There must be equal rights, equal opportunities for everyone, just like everywhere else. The people who have been oppressed must be compensated. The people who have been doing the oppressing must be brought to justice. The reconstituted nation can be called by any name, even Israel – let the people decide. Let a nation of all its citizens decide.

The Israel-Palestine conflict, the wars against the Iraqi and Afghan people – these are only symptoms of the larger problem playing out all over the world. We are running out of time to find our humanity – the ecosystem that sustains us, the environment we call home, is cracking beneath the strain. Ordinary people are the only ones with the power to stop this Orwellian nightmare threatening to destroy the fabric of our interdependent world. We must wake up, realize that the entire global governing system has failed us. Democracy has failed us. We have failed ourselves.

Freedom is an illusion, the façade fades by the day. An insane elite coupled with massive corporations is close to ruling our world. Their fists are turning to iron. They are preoccupied with wanting to know everything we do and think. They want total control over our minds, over our lives, to be able to see and hear everything we do and say. They need us to conform to their rules, to know if we even hint at stepping out of line. They have to see us naked in public.

Are they our Protectors? Or are they simply Perverts?

Are we condemning our children to death – will they inherit a choked-out future in a dying world? Will the tangible splendour of our world have to be remembered on handheld devices and widescreen TVs? Will the future see a charred ball orbit the sun instead of the beautiful, ever changing crystal sphere we currently share and call home?

Will a spacecraft full of crazed fools, ‘the survivors,’ head off into the darkness, hoping to find a new planet to settle before they run out of juice?

We all share a spacecraft called earth. She is our only viable home. Until we find our humanity we cannot hope to save her. We are playing at – and losing – the most dangerous game.

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