It looks as though a bomb has fallen on this stretch of road, which is a major artery - that is how a journalist described the Morandi bridge in Genoa just after it had collapsed, destroying the lives of dozens of people. These words bring to mind other images, those of about 40 Serbian bridges destroyed by NATO bombing in 1999
Whilst there are no golden ages, it is abundantly clear that the world today is in a very unhealthy state. From Eastern Europe to North Africa to the Middle East, countries have been severely destabilised, resulting in carnage & the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.
The fabricated photos were broadcast worldwide accompanied by captions and comments comparing the Trnopolje refugee camp to Nazi death camps. It was a big lie.
17 years have passed and many people have forgotten that U.S.-NATO waged the most destructive war on the European continent since the end of World War II: the modern aerial bombing campaign against the Serbian people.
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