"the population north of the imposed 38th Parallel lost nearly a third its population during the 37-month long “hot” war, 1950-1953, an unprecedented percentage of mortality suffered by one nation due to the belligerence of another.” (War Veteran Brian Willson)
North Korea's "health system is the envy of the developing world" according to the World Health Organization: WHO director-general Margaret Chan said the country had "no lack of doctors and nurses"
In May 2017, the DPRK accused the CIA (headed by Mike Pompeo) and the ROK's spy agency, of "a failed plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Neither the CIA nor the White House responded to these accusations. While press reports acknowledged the CIA's "long history" of political assassinations, the DPRK's accusations were casually dismissed.
Trump said the war games were expensive and “very provocative”, and yet stopping them has been called a "major concession", something the US has previously rejected as non-negotiable...
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