Climate Change

The very mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy who have wreaked so much damage to our environment are the leading backers of the “grassroots” climate movement. Is it pangs of guilty conscience, or could it be a deeper agenda of the financialization of the very air we breathe and more?
What I am seeing of late is that the Climate Crisis is destroying environmentalism. What I consider real environmentalism. The Climate discourse is quickly being taken over by monied interests whose desire is to save capitalism before they save the planet.
While a World War III scenario implying the preemptive use of nuclear weapons has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than ten years, military planners are now involved in the formulation of concrete attack plans directed against Russia.
Scientists now believe it is “likely that the world will blow past the 2 degree C warming threshold that expoerts and international negotiators agree is needed to avoid catastrophic consequences.”
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