Despite president Trump’s announced US troop withdrawal, the Afghan opium trade continues to flourish. It is protected by US-NATO occupation forces on behalf of a nexus of powerful financial and criminal interests.
One of the key players in U.S.-led "Soviet-Afghan war" was Osama bin Laden, a Saudi-born millionaire from a wealthy, powerful family with ties to the Saudi royal family. Before becoming America’s “boogeyman”, Osama was put in charge of fundraising for the Mujahideen.
Trump calls for escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Why? Is he going after the bad guys, or is it something else? Afghanistan has significant oil, natural gas and strategic raw material resources, not to mention opium, a multibillion dollar industry which feeds America's illegal heroin market.
The insurgents have captured more than half of country; conclaves under peace talks are vaguely underway to negotiate the future fate of Afghanistan; the presidential election is scheduled for April 2019, all of which sets the stage for the US to implement the new giant plans.
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