In 2012, Brace Yourself For Obama’s Occupy ‘Part Deux’

Get ready for the politics of division, based on income, class, gender, and race.

Get ready for more eerie scenes of crowds playing ‘repeat after me’ with their people’s microphone.

Get ready for more sit-ins, more anarchists, more Guy Fawkes masks.

Get ready for the unions too. And look out for the after party.

But most of all, get ready to live in tents.

Here comes Occupy Part Deux.

May 1st is the official relaunching of the formerly failed collectivist effort known as the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Occupy’s global ‘community organizers’ are calling for a general strike with no work, no school, no banking, and no shopping in places like New York, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, and Sydney, along with hundreds of cities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

May 1st also marks the world-wide Marxist communist festival otherwise referred to as the “Day of the Worker.” Once relegated to the dying ranks of socialist workers’ groups, the collectivist revolution sees for itself a new opportunity, receiving a booster shot in the arm recently from two sources: Occupy Wall Street and the Obama White House.

Police and mayors around the U.S. will be ramping up security expecting a confrontation. This years demonstrations will have a slightly different, if not more vociferous tone. Now it will be a combination of Labor groups and immigration advocates who will be merging with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and other activists to stage marches and other events in cities across America, with the aim of “bringing daily business to a standstill.”

Alinskyites in the White House and those manning their ‘community organizer’ posts are drooling at the possibility of kicking off a class war in America starting today, one that will ride all the way to the November 2012 elections.

Occupy’s eight-week encampment in Lower Manhattan ended with a whimper last year, but still, planned marches across the globe are scheduled to happen today. Once again, the movement is destined to fail and here’s why

Classic Social Propaganda: “1% vs. 99%”

It was inevitable that a movement which could not agree on a real ‘manifesto’ would, in the end, do the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they are demonstrating against to begin with. One of the reasons Occupy 1.0 failed so miserably was because it lacked a clear focus, and ultimately died from its lack of actual results. All it offered the world in the end was the popular nomenclature, “99% vs. 1%.” Nothing else has endured. No progress, no solutions, no improvement, only disconnect – an increased ideological division based on a collectivist vision. Yet, not having learned their lesson the first time, they are back this time – supposedly calling attention to what they say are “abuses of power and wealth.”

Instead of achieving freedom from central bank debt enslavement, naive Occupiers appear to only be interested in a forced redistribution of wealth, with the Occupy Movement’s puppet masters skillfully pulling the mob towards endorsing higher public spending, which means more government/public debt to the private central banks – naturally coupled with higher taxation, or even a global taxation system a la The Robin Hood Tax to be administered… by a brand new global government body.

Many of this week’s demonstrators and students are completely unaware of whose drum beat they are actually marching to.

Directed from above by a confabulation of, Ad Busters, and other foundation-funded tertiary arms, socialist/collectivist organizers have again rallied their ‘masses’ in the hopes of another worldwide shut-down on May 1st, with a general strike targeting parks, buildings, and highways and imploring students not to go to class, and employees not to go to work. At least that is what they are advertising. The reality is much different however…

The last three US administrations’ hell-bent drive to dismantle main street and the real US economy has acclimatized the country to a permanently sluggish economic outlook. And so thousands of Americans are now getting used to living in tents. Occupy simply supplies the romantic impetus for this new sub-level of the American Dream.

Another reason why Occupy will end in failure is because it is aligned with the Democratic Party. The irony of this is mostly lost on ‘occupiers’ though. Most are unaware that the Democratic and Wall Street love affair began in 1999, when then President Bill Clinton, who had just narrowly escaped impeachment for screwing his plump intern in the Oval Office on taxpayer time,  signed off on the repealing of the most key economic of safety valve. The Glass Steagall Act was repealed by Bill Clinton on the eve of exit as US President. From there on, it was smooth sailing for Wall Street’s most greedy, most corrupt, and most ruthless of economic wrecking crews, namely, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and droves of chronic gamblers whose last wish to Clinton was to ‘lift the rules’ so they could transfer the nation’s wealth offshore over the next decade.

What happened after was the final nail in America’s economic coffin – a slow and painful death of the American dream, as the country limped forward towards financial Armageddon – a death sentence for opportunity and upward mobility in the United States. That death sentence was finalized in October 2008, when both Barack Obama and John McCain left their respective campaign trails in order to lobby to Democrat and Republican colleagues in the Senate to please pass the first multi-trillion dollar Banker Bailout Bill, the most fatal economic and sovereign blow to the nation since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in the quiet of the night 1913.

If the Occupy Movement was truly genuine, truly grassroots, and actually had a brain it would focus all of its energy on the engine of poverty, and the tool of the elite’s plan for destruction – the Federal Reserve Bank which creates the constant inflation which makes everyone poor, no matter how hard they work.

But it’s not. So it doesn’t.

Obama’s Occupy 2.0

Another reason why Occupy has never found its brain is because it was hatched in the early stages of the current US Presidential election cycle in 2011, and its left-leaning character meant that it would inevitably become co-opted by the Democratic arm of America’s elite power structure.

How the current US leadership uses this new army of agitators should be a lesson to every occupier. It’s the same story every time. Government will order a harsh crackdown through its ranks down to the street level, Occupiers will be victimized, and then the President and his cadres will pose as their saviors – calling for peace and appearing to sympathize with the Occupiers.

Occupy is being eyed by the White House as Obama’s own army for re-election this year. It’s an ‘army of the entitled’ – socialist workers unions, student loaner, the newly and perpetually unemployed, illegal immigrants, and feminists. In an election year, it will slowly transition into a Saul Alinski orgy of social division, inciting Americans against each other based on race, gender, and income – but also based on success. 

Saul Alinsky’s tools for dividing society are as follows: left vs right, rich vs poor, black vs white, brown vs yellow, and most importantly… young vs old. “Young vs Old” is what the elites will use as a final battleground in their culture war.

Mob Rule

Division. This is how the Obama White House is conducting events and anyone who is actually paying attention can see this in media and through every comment which comes out of the President’s mouth.

The concept of “Mob Rule” is also important in America’s newly divided society. It now features heavily in both the racial, and the economic conversations heard throughout media.

In this volatile political climate, the mob will often feel empowered and their ‘leader’ will tell them anything they want to hear. Class envy will also feature heavily in this classic social engineering model – and notice how much it has been featured in the Occupy Movement. Here lies the dangers in the current manifestation of the Occupy Movement.

‘Our Dear Leader’

The current US President is a perfect example of a partisan icon. He received the majority of his campaign money from Wall Street oligarchs and is seen to be hob-nobbing with the rich, playing golf every other day, taking countless vacations, yet still portrays himself as part of the “99%”, or “a man of the people.” Still though, the “99%” have been trained to hopelessly envy this unattainable social status and celebrity lifestyle. This phenomenon solidifies the President’s cult of personality.

Using North Korea is an analogy, ranks of obedient socialist workers never criticize their ‘Dear Leader.’ The same can be said with the Occupy Movement and President Obama.

With all the complaints about the 1% living it up at the expense of the 99%, Occupiers have nothing to say about the current President who shamelessly petalled his memoirs and books from 2006, helping him to amass a $16 million fortune between 2006-2011. Nor will they question White House’s Royal Vacations, particularly the First Lady and her $800K taxpayer-funded holiday excursions with friends and security entourages to Majorca, Spain, and their daughters spring break trips with friends and entourage to Mexico.

Occupy is a major brigade in the army which the President and his Democratic Party hopes will catapult them back into their comfortable seats of power until 2016 – just enough time to create a million new federal government jobs, to loot the US Treasury with more stimulus pork, to win more multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts, and to move their riches off-shore. Not to mention more wars…

A wake up call out to all those middle class university students and junior college drop-outs who are working three jobs to get through life: no amount of government spending, higher taxes, or government entitlements will guarantee you a better life in America. Remember that a university education was never “a right” in America. Our forefathers were never entitled to a higher education because it was hard, it was selective and they had to earn it.  Your parents did not have Obamacare, they paid for their medical care.

Europe is no answer either. If you live in most any other country in the world – including socialist Europe – your opportunities for upward economic and especially social mobility are almost nonexistent.

Still, too many Occupiers maintain a naive, even romantic view of socialism and communism.

Perhaps the result of 20th century progress is that the country has produced a spoiled middle class generation whose own disinterest in politics, the economy, and spoon fed global warming propaganda over the last 20 years has brought us to this point in history.

Watch this frightening video; reveals the ugly face of the collectivist mentality:

The sad truth is that many supporters of Obama’s stalled “hope and change” mantra who have been hit by record unemployment now have plenty of time on their hands to hang in parks from May until November 2012. Another reason Occupy cannot make it past November is because it gets too cold to hang out in parks.

No Occupier will criticize the current leadership because they feel that they have a stake in the Obama game. That is the genius of the ruling elite, and thus how they are able to manipulate the masses – to make Occupy believe that Obama is their man. The same technique is used when Neoconservatives are ascending to power – the elite make Christian Conservatives and poor rural Americans believe that Bush is their man.

But if you thought that maybe the highly educated intellectual left in America would be smarter than that, so far, you’d be wrong.

Articles by: Patrick Henningsen

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