Hillary: FBI Reopening Investigation Is Very Big. October Surprise: John Zogby
By John Zogby
Global Research, October 30, 2016
Forbes 29 October 2016
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“FBI Director James Comey’s decision to notify Congressional leaders of the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation is a huge story and could prove to be the October surprise folks have been wondering about. Of course, it might turn out to be something that fizzles out or it could even be overshadowed by another Donald Trump outrage. But for now, the substance and the timing could not possibly be worse for the person who has been deemed the “inevitable next President”.

“This story is a very big deal for several reasons. First, it changes the conversation with a little over a week to go. It will be very difficult for Clinton to get back on track, unless Trump dominates with news of his own. But this issue will not be over and threatens to derail her candidacy. ….

Second, it comes at a time when the race is getting tighter. Clinton’s numbers are going down and Trump’s are actually increasing….

Third, just as some undecided voters were on the verge of concluding that perhaps she is the lesser of two evils, they may just change their minds….

So contrary to the outrage that Clinton advocates and Democrats are expressing about the timing and lack of detail in the news of the investigation, this is a very big story and a possible game changer.”

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