Syrian Army positions in the town of Saraqib came under joint shelling from the Turkish Army and Turkish-backed armed groups late on April 1. Strikes were carried out from the area of Almastumah, where Turkish military positions are located. The

Here is the link to a 3-minute video of Swedish life that should looks pretty good to everybody. This single example of a nation willing to be a “Control Group” to the massive experiment of locking-down entire nations that is

Civil unrest is coming and things are about to get ugly.

The powers that ought not to be are engineering a global economic collapse by shutting down businesses and putting nearly everyone on lockdown and strict quarantine in response to

The United States has deployed Patriot anti-air batteries to the bases hosting US troops in Iraq, AFP reported on March 30 citing US and Iraqi sources. The first Patriot battery was delivered to Ain al-Asad last week, while the second