This October 2017 article by award winning author Jonathan Cook focusses on the unspoken Israel-Kurdistan relationship.

“There has been co-operation, much of it secret, between Israel and the Kurds for decades. Israeli media lapped up tributes from now-retired generals who

One of the arrows in the quiver of the attack on humanity from globalisation is a new field of study – the biology of corporations. Corporate apologists claim that the overwhelming majority of multi-national companies are amoral organizations in pursuit

Timely article by Sarah Abed on the Kurdistan-Israeli relationship first posted on Global Research on July 14, 2017

In this three part series, MintPress  and Global Research contributor Sarah Abed analyzes the role that some Kurdish factions have played throughout

As you may have figured out by now, Hillary Clinton, warped by her own self aggrandizement of entitlement, did Tulsi Gabbard and her Presidential campaign against interventionist wars a huge incidental favor.

While the Democrats continue to splinter and …