On Saturday, Trump nominated US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS.

If confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate as expected pre-November elections, it’ll shift the High Court to a far-right 6 – 3 majority, potentially for

He was very much one of those cricketers who made the pulse race, a figure for the advocates of a faster variant of the game.  Nothing of the solid blocker in the man, though he could, if needed, linger at

The Trump administration on Friday moved closer to its goal of stripping conservation protections from the nation’s largest national forest, putting over 9 million acres at risk of clear-cut logging and bulldozing for roads and sparking warnings of “irreversible ecological

On Thursday, state-owned China Daily called Trump regime actions against ByteDance’s TikTok video-sharing firm “banditry,” adding:

Beijing “is unlikely to condone the White House’s strong-arm acquisition…(N)o deal is better than (one) made under duress.”

Trump falsely accused TikTok of threatening …

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