On St. Francis Day, the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini (Democratic Party) sent the Frecce Tricolori fighters to fly over the Basilica of Assisi. “It is the strongest homage that our Italy has been able to pay to the Poverello

In the same way the CIA invented foreign enemies which required us to go to war, there are people who have invented stories of fearful germs that demand medical treatment and prevention. The story tellers know that among the public,

In any given news cycle it is sometimes the lesser articles that are more illuminating in terms of where everything in a country as vast as the United States is heading. This is particularly true in terms of what the

Leaked documents seen by Good Law Project set out special pathways by which “VIP” and “Cabinet Office” contacts could be awarded lucrative PPE contracts at the height of the pandemic – and at inflated prices.

Lord Bethell, a junior …

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