“It just seems like people have really lost their way, severed ties with reality completely, where we’re listening to some pied piper online instead of really questioning authority. questioning the power structures like we should be all along!” – Abby …

“And after what my source had sent me on Wednesday morning…I was pretty confident that they would have to back off because the reasons were overwhelming in terms of Iranian military power… In fact there was an indirect, a direct-indirect

 “During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes have invariably meted out to them relentless persecution, and received their teachings with the most savage hostility, most furious hatred, and a ruthless campaign of lies and slanders.”[1]

  • Vladimir Lenin,
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Essentially what we're looking at is a broader historical perspective on how the US de facto supported Nazi Germany with a view to destroying the Soviet Union as well as weakening the British Empire and competing empires including of course France, Belgium, Holland, etc. And those countries today are no longer colonial powers.