Hassan Diab Is Back in Canada!
By Hassan Diab Support Committee
Global Research, January 28, 2018
Hassan Diab Support Committee 27 January 2018
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After a very long three years and two months, HASSAN DIAB IS SAFELY BACK AT HIS HOME IN OTTAWA, united with his wife and children. Hassan says: “It is a miracle”, and we too see it that way.

Hassan arrived in Ottawa on Monday January 15, 2018. His wife, Rania, and their children were there to welcome him back home. We are grateful that Foreign Affairs was able to help bring Hassan back to Canada. For some photos and a link to Hassan’s press conference, see this and this.

As you might have heard, this is not the end of Hassan’s ordeal. There will be an appeal of the release decision. So, the outcome remains uncertain, and we’re not completely out of the woods yet. But for now, we can say that justice prevailed and Hassan is back in Canada and that is worth celebrating.

As members of the Hassan Diab Support Committee, we send you our BIGGEST HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

So many of you have been supporting Hassan in various ways for many years. Thank you for your donations that covered various legal costs. Hassan spent 1,154 days in prison in France, and the lawyers’ bills had to be paid. Thank you for writing to politicians, for phoning PM Trudeau, for signing petitions, for showing up at vigils (despite the freezing weather), and for your kind messages of support.

Over and over you helped us and kept us going. You also kept Hassan and his family going. We are immensely grateful. Let us hope this is the end of a long, difficult road.

We do have a request of you. If you have any connections with human rights groups, unions, faith communities, activists, etc., in France, please share their contact information with us. You can email [email protected] with this information.

Again, many heartfelt thanks!

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