Hariri Supporters attack Lebanese Army to start violence in an effort to halt all Anti-government protests
By Yusuf Shayto
Global Research, January 24, 2007
Al-Manar TV 24 January 2007
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Editorial Note

There is a clear effort by the ruling coalition members of the government to manufacture or create a state of violence as an excuse to halt the mass protests in Lebanon. This article deals with one political group, the Lebanese Forces, which is not to be mistaken with the Lebanese military.

The Lebanese Forces is a small Christian political party in Lebanon that is an ally of the Hariri-led Future Movement and part of the ruling coalition that forms the Lebanese government.

Global Research, January 24, 2006

Footage aired on most television stations and international news agencies, were enough evidence on the level of restraint practiced by the Lebanese Army during the one day strike Tuesday. The footage clearly showed how members of the Lebanese Forces attacked one soldier and how this soldier dealt with the aggressors.

Yet the head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea accused the Lebanese army of being weak, feeble and even of being conspirators. What does the ruling bloc want of the army? Did it have to follow the conduct of other pro-February 14 security services that have so far demonstrated weakness and feebleness while confronting Israel’s summer war against Lebanon, particularly at the Marje’youn barrack, where the notorious “tea party” took place? The Lebanese Army has been the safety and security factor and the opposition has shown a great level of understanding of the sensitive mission the army is carrying out across the country.  

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