Hands Off Venezuela: Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza Responds to Trump’s Threats and “Crocodile Tears”
By Carla Stea
Global Research, February 14, 2019

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With impeccable logic and fact, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza repudiated the series of accusations being used by mainstream media to undermine the legitimacy of President Maduro’s government, and exposed the duplicitous motivations underlying the crocodile tears shed over the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

Pressed, repeatedly, with allegations that President Maduro should allow in the “humanitarian aid” the West is attempting to force on Venezuela, Arreaza referred to the multiple threats of military force which Washington is repeatedly making, and asked whether this “humanitarian aid,” offered by a power which is threatening a military invasion of Venezuela, would be safe for Venezuela to accept, indicating that the West’s “humanitarian aid” is a form of Trojan Horse which Venezuela cannot invite in. Arreaza quoted Trump as “openly stating he wants the ‘loot,’”: control of Venezuela’s oil and other rich resources.

Exposing the hypocrisy and deception underlying this so-called “humanitarian aid,” he confirmed that Venezuela has repeatedly demonstrated that they do not need this charity, they have more than adequate resources of their own to fulfill the needs of their own people, but these resources are being blocked by the coercive sanctions which Washington has imposed on Venezuela for years. He stated that if the West is sincerely troubled by the humanitarian plight of the Venezuelan people, they must lift the coercive unilateral sanctions and the blockade which are the cause of the economic crisis, and the continued imposition of these sanctions is an unacceptable form of imperialist domination, and a violation of the UN Charter and International Law.

When pressured by a reporter representing a powerful wire service, insistent that Venezuela should coordinate with the UN to let in “humanitarian aid,” Arreaza replied that there are many false accusations spread by the media, and Venezuela is currently at peace. He stated clearly that these media should not exacerbate the situation by their biased presentations, and he stated that if the media fuel the problem by spreading false stories and rumors, they will ultimately share responsibility for any violence and bloodshed that ensue. Arreaza stated that even the International Red Cross refuses to participate in this offer of so-called “humanitarian aid,” which the IRC stated is a politicized spectacle and a provocation.

The majority of members of the Non-Aligned Movement which met today opposed any attempt at foreign intervention in Venezuela, and supported the legitimacy of Maduro’s Presidency.


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Carla Stea is Global Research’s correspondent at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, N.Y.

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