Haiti and the Empire’s “Collaborators”: Guy Philippe Is A Criminal, Not a Hero

Response to Black Collaborators With Colonialism in Haiti

In 2004, with only one and a half years left in his term, the repugnant Haiti oligarchs in collaboration with foreign powers took down Haiti’s democratically elected president. The intellectuals in Haiti mostly said nothing. Now they’re speaking out. These collaborators with empire were silent or complicit as empire used warlord Guy Philippe to perform low intensity warfare, hitting police stations since 2001 to destabilize the constitutionally elected Aristide-Neptune government. Group 184 and the coup detat Haitians effectively invited the US, UN, France and Canada to come and take president Aristide out on the 200th year of Haiti’s independence.

13 years later, on January 5, 2017, in a joint DEA-Haiti operation, the US came for Guy Philippe on money laundering and drug charges, possibly using a law signed by the 50th legislature under the Martelly coup detat government regarding money laundering and financing terrorism. But the same coup detat factions who called on foreign powers and CIA-backed death squads to unseat a democratically elected president, are hypocritically crying foul as they fall on their own sword. This is a response (in Kreyòl/Haitian) to a black collaborator from Guy Philippe’s Grand Anse area explaining why he’s good riddance.


Mr. Fritz E. Joseph

This pontification and singing the praises of the mass murderer and death squad leader, Guy Philippe, is disturbing, brainless and amoral. Conze Guy Philippe was used by the imperialists to humiliate the Ancestors with a 2004 bi-centennial coup detat.

Philippe committed high treason, slaughtering over 30 police even before 2004 and providing the pretext, in 2004, for the US occupation behind the UN humanitarian front that killed at least 14,000 innocent Haitians from 2004 to 2006 and brought the UN which brought cholera that poisoned the Haiti water system, killed over 10,000 and made nearly one million Haitians sick.

I don’t care if this Conze’s bosses puts him under the jail in Miami. Period. This is a bit of justice for the victims. Tonight in Jeremie, Philippe’s crew are still burning houses because their meal ticket is gone.

If there was respect for human life and equal rights in Haiti, the parliament would not now be filled with alleged criminals: kidnappers, drugdealers, money launderers, weapons traffickers. But since the “schooled” Haitians are concerned only with their stomachs, not morality, equality and integrity, justice is for sale.

But as lawyers and justice activists, we’ve been demanding that Haiti law enforcers apply the law. They have not. So, the US may come take all the PHTK-KID thieves to justice who have served the Bush-Clinton-Obama imperialists since the fall of Duvalier in 1986. The country needs a thorough clean up and people like you, do not have the moral spine to even see the necessity.

As a lawyer I’ve spent 23-years insisting that the one-person-one vote principle must be respected in Haiti by the vampire Haiti oligarchy and their Tonton Makout ghouls.

But that’s been a futile mission as the latest Jovenel Moise electoral coup d’etat evidences. Guy Philippe’s murder and mayhem in Haiti doesn’t make him “Un Classique Du 21eme siecle Haitien.” You calling him a hero and comparing your views and values to that of the great anti-imperialist and freedom fighter, Goman (Jean Baptiste Perrier) of Grand Anse, is delusional, wicked and an insult to Goman’s sacred memory.

Haiti is under occupation since 2004 and we can even go back to 1915 and say the US never left but trained the Cedras army and then Guy Philippe in Ecuador to come do the imperialist bidding. Guy Philippe was a dirty cop and then a pawn of empire in 2004.

The current indignation against Philippe’s perhaps procedural questionable arrest by self-styled “protectors of Haiti sovereignty” is capricious and political.

Sir, the president of the Haitian Senate, Senator Fourel Celestin was arrested by U.S. agent on drug allegations. Why wasn’t there an outcry and an essay from you about Haiti sovereignty? Is it because he was from the Lavalas political spectrum? But Guy Philippe is part of the coup d’etat contingent working for the morally repugnant Haiti oligarchy that owns the Haiti journalists and uhm “intellectuals,” beating their macho chest today on local Haiti radio, hypocritically blustering on about Haiti sovereignty and the untouchable Guy Philippe?

Philippe really thought he wasn’t expendable to his masters. But the US doesn’t need him now because they perhaps don’t want him interfering with their control of Jovenel Moise, whose 2017 non-election people like Philippe along with Bigio, Boulos, Brandt, Mevs, Abdallah and Apaid financed and helped to “godfather.” (See video at: Guy Philippe is the Godfather to the Jovenel Moise 2017 “election”.)

If Philippe trafficked in drugs as the 2005 unsealed US indictment details, it most likely was to get arms and funds (Ira-Contra style) to kill and take down the democratically elected Haiti president in 2001, 2004. Of course his bosses knew about it as they probably participated in protected his GNBIST/Tet Kale crew, just like empire first protected their assets: Noriega, Sadam Hussein, Mobutu, Papa Doc, Baby Doc, and the rest. The U.S. oligarchs running Washington always play both lawgiver and gangster. They’re play acting the lawgiver now, savior of the law, while they switch puppets.

Frankly, our organization won’t get involve in this family affair. But we’re happy for the Guy Philippe victims; sad that the occupation of Haiti continues now 13 years on since Group 184/Guy Philippe=Tet Kale started the bicentennial rampage.

Our question is why is there no outcry by the schooled Haitians against the 13-year UN/US presence? Or, the fake election of Martelly in 2010 and now his restavek, Jovenel Moise in 2017. Sir, your text indicates that you don’t give a damn about the sovereignty of the Haitian people, the constitution, honor, respect or the people’s vote both for Aristide-Neptune in 2000 and the PHTK-Duvalierist/Oligarchy/CORE Group electoral frauds under occupation in 2010, 2015, 2016.

As long as Haitian law is for sale, and there are untouchables in Haiti and Haiti is under occupation, and the Duvalierist and 13 mercenary white families they serve are deemed untouchable, Haiti won’t be free.

Here’s a photo depicting what you’re supporting: extrajudicial killing, lawless paramilitary groups (aka Ti Nèg Roz yo) ; you’re part of the neocolonial system which denies the first Black nation access to human rights, you are part of the token black collaborators who protect the few against the many. The occupation, criminality and corruption must end by any means necessary for the greater good and for the country to progress. (See, Washington-backed Haiti Death Squad Leader, Guy Philippe, Finally Arrested On U.S. Drug Charges)

Èzili Dantò of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and Free Haiti,
January 8, 2017


April 24, 2017 – Guy Philippe pleads guilty

CIA asset, Guy Philippe, who led the US-backed 2004 bicentennial regime change for Bush that brought in MINUSTAH, and who was arrested on drug charges by the DEA, pleads guilty to “conspiracy to commit money laundering stemming from his receipt of cash payments derived from the proceeds of narcotics sales that occurred in Miami, Florida, and elsewhere in the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s.” Philippe, “a former high-ranking official in the Haitian National Police – was on the payroll of the drug traffickers for years, receiving (from $1.5 million to $3.5 million) in bribe payments for protecting drug shipments…” (Department of Justice, Press Release)

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