Growing Evidence of Trump Administration Preparing First Nuclear Strike on DPRK

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Before our eyes we have clear growing evidence the US is gathering force to launch war against North Korea. And not just the visibility of carrier led battle fleets in the South China sea, there are also all the other “world events” fitting into first strike preparation scenario from the US.

For instance the Hawaii nuclear strike alert terrifying the population of Hawaii Saturday 13th January. Are we to believe this was as simple as an operational error? Accidentally pressing a single button?

I don’t think so for one minute. It must be near impossible to activate a major strike alarm system without highest level authority with multiple keys to active the system. And to note of all US cities it was Hawaii, halfway between Korea and continental USA, not any other US city.

Which leaves open the plausibility alarm activation authorisation was from the highest levels in the USA, to strike terror in the minds of citizens US wide that such a strike from North Korea is a real and credible possibility. This then playing its part priming the US population for justification for a US first strike on North Korea.

Further evidence of preparation is then the Korean selected Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Vancouver Monday 15th Jan. This meeting notably not including The People’s Republic of China or the Russian Federation, let alone the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The summit with single minded interest on blockading North Korea into deeper isolation has then been in all but name a war summit. Notably engaging most of the Western supporting nations in the 1950-53 Korean War. A war in which the USA with overwhelming air power, including mass use of napalm (as in Vietnam), destroyed North Korea with 2 million Korean casualties.

Further evidence again for preparation could not be more evident in the build up of US battle fleets in South China Sea. Three carrier battle fleets complete with hundreds of cruise missiles and stealth attack aircraft, who knows how many polaris nuclear submarines in Korean waters, along with nuclear strike squadrons of B-2 and B-52 bombers on Guam.

Belligerence and threat on an enormous scale. And of course when the US does strike that will be an enormous distraction away from a president who must know in his bones, from the chaos he is sowing world-wide, along with the FBI Mueller inquiry, his own time is running out.

This huge build up of US forces, at risk any day of precipitating war even if not specifically intended, needs then to be roundy condemned by I would hope every thinking human being on the planet. As it is, from the West, blinding mass ignorance amplified through Western mass media.

Korean people building bridges – making progress

But then strikingly as we now see the people of Korea left to their own politics are finding their way. High level positive meetings taking place. North Korea will bring athletes to the Winter Olympics and, in accord with the spirit of the Olympics, have announced North and South will march together at the opening ceremony under one Korean flag. This then a huge boost for the Korean peninsular and people, and for world peace. A time of optimism and for building trust.

And more than this DPRK will contribute national bands to the Olympics. This then will be DPRK Moranbong hugely popular all female band. Wonderful performances from highly accomplished young musicians and singers. The best of Korea that is iron curtain shut out by Western propaganda. Not by the Koreans – the most welcoming and friendly of people, to those who ask and show some respect.

And indeed look further into DPRK culture and we find so many gems. Again I have never in the West seen a more deeply moving operatic musical than DPRK’s The Flower Girl. A powerfully moving drama with wonderful actors actresses expressing the oppression and struggles faced by so many in our world, East and West.

On all counts taking a sweep of modern 20th century history North Korean people are to my mind some of the bravest in the world. Truly heroic. They took as much horror bombing and probably more than Vietnam and survived and to their huge credit, grounded in their founding philosophy Juche, self-reliance and independence, rebuilt their US annihilated country. Beautiful clean modern working cities. A huge credit to any nation.

Why not nuclear armed DPRK – there are sound universal deterrent reasons

Why then should DPRK not have nuclear defence to protect their country ? Look what the US and West does to countries that have no nuclear defence : Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria – bombed to shreds, millions die, countries set back decades, when it suits the West. But the US thinks twice and twice again when it’s the Russian Federation, or the People’s Republic of China, with nuclear deterrents.

The West needs to grow up and quickly before we have nuclear war on the planet led by a Western leader who clearly has yet to work his way through adolescence. We need to focus on the gathering thunder. There is no doubt in my mind many at the highest command levels in the USA will be thrilled with a high technology bomb delivery war – on yet again another country far from the USA.

The US military all ranks will be excited. But then new game station generations have forgotten Vietnam and the Korean War that was disregarded long ago hence its epitaph “The Forgotten War”. No matter that one and a half million Korean civilians men women and children died in the war, in their own towns and homes. And indeed, as I would say to anyone planning war, get a sledgehammer and high octane burner and go to work on your nearest and dearest, including your children. That is the true horror of warfare all the more horrific when it is phosphorus high octane napalm bombing of civilian cities.

In all consideration the deepest of deep tragedies for humanity that the West cannot see how, in conflict, belligerents mirror each other’s behaviour. It is the US that brings huge military armadas to the South China Sea. Wouldn’t any country be terrified with such enormous destructive fire power on their doorstep, from a USA that seven decades ago bombed their country flat ?

Give the Korean people the space to reconcile north and south

In huge contrast what we see in the East is what has been lost from all sight in our mass consumption West and that is the Wisdom of the East. They have the wisdom to understand that small scale shared positive experience, as in engaging jointly in the Winter Olympics, is the way that people one to one begin to get to know one-another. And from that you quietly build. Not on world stages shouting one another down : “Fire and Fury” with the even more juvenile “Mine’s bigger than yours”. No different to Bush’s “Shock and Awe” twenty years ago which then spawned wars to this day throughout the Middle East.

The USA – showing itself time and again to be the most dangerous and mentally weak country on the planet – needs to demilitarise in South Korea and leave the Korean people to work out their own future. And that is weak USA on the point we don’t need in a modern 21st century world battle fleets along with bellicose threats. That speaks of weakness, not strength. Strength is having the courage to use world politics through an inclusive United Nations. The courage to use dialogue and communication. The courage to pursue and take risks, for peace. And in that earning respect and building confidence in our world.

All the Western propaganda from the 1950s that Communism was sweeping South Asia refused to recognise the fact that vast numbers in Asia did and still do hold to socialist and communist values. Now then seven decades later the US needs to step back and leave the Korean people to assess their different political systems and work out how best to make this work for Korea. Parallel nations at peace, or integration of the best of systems both sides of the 39th parallel. If Western US led market capitalism is so superior to centralised communism it will speak for itself. Not need enormous battle fleets and militarisation to enforce one political ideology on another.

That such massive forces are in play with potential planet destroying consequences with millions of lives destroyed only goes to show the huge lack of self-confidence in those who take the lead wielding these weapons. It is Korea’s huge misfortune at the end of WW2 – following decades of brutal Japanese occupation – to end up on a world tectonic plate between Capitalism and Communism. We now have an absolute duty to help this country build safety and security into the 21st century.

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