Greece: From A Covid Coup To A Covid Junta

In the end, only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable, either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…

The Greek government is trying to excel in its imposition of totalitarian rules for a non-existent Covid crisis. Magnifying alleged PCR positives and blowing infections out of all proportion, they shut down Greece in early November by imposing draconian measures. The Covid Coup of early March has metastasized into a full blown Covid Junta as areas in Western Athens have had a full 24 hour curfew imposed on them. Citizens have been quoted on MSM as stating this has nothing to do with a virus but a full-blown attempt at a Junta.

PM Mitsotakis in a video conference call with Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset book on his desk

September 2020

Whilst hotels were partially opened in the summer but a whole series of roadblocks were created on tourists from PCR tests for entrance into Greece, the banning of certain islands from tourists, night curfews, etc., the actual numbers were miniscule to support the tens of thousands that work in the industry or supply it. The collapse in the tourist trade was catastrophic, and as most businesses were closed down during the draconian years of the IMF-EU imposed austerity, the economy entered the new Great Depression already on its knees and it will now be blown up completely. That is why even more draconian measures are sought and imposed.

Mitsotakis’ New Democracy is fully embedded to Merkel’s EU and she dictates the agenda. The covidclowns in Athens are only too eager to please and the reason is simple. Since Syriza came to power, they have shown that they are more pro-EU than the EU itself and they know the opposition wants even more measures than are being proposed or implemented.

Old habits die hard: Afghanis and Pakistanis celebrate in central Athens despite lockdown measures

After making masks compulsory for shopping and public transport, the government then made mask wearing compulsory everywhere the moment you leave the house with €300 fines, SMS messages in order to leave, and not allowing people to leave the region/area they live in. Fines became like confetti when the changes were first implemented, but to what extent any are paid is another issue. Coupled with compulsory mask wearing in schools and the defeat of the student protests due to the Lockdown Left, the government implemented a second lockdown in early November which continues till this article was written, and they want to extend it to Easter and possibly indefinitely.

Economic Meltdown Anew

Having been the guinea pigs for the Eurocrisis that was magnified beyond all proportion for lilliputian Greece, they have now chosen for themselves to be the Covidclowns for Davos’ Great Reset. Without any serious functioning industries left anymore and relying mostly on imports and the tourist trade, they are being imploded one lockdown after another on dubious excuses regarding infections and Covid deaths. The ever evolving Covid-1984 goalpost serves an agenda, that which destroys the independence of all and turns them into dependent appendages of a higher authority whose aim is to instil fear via virus terrorism and to ensure people no longer meet or act independently of governments. The closest description are prisoners of an open prison who are free to act within certain limits and their life is regulated.

The collapse of GDP year-on-year but beginning from the first lockdown early March 2020 until March 2021 will probably be in the region of around 25%, equivalent in one year to what took four to occur between 2010 and 2014, but you won’t hear that being said anywhere as a boom is always literally round the corner. The only problem for most people is that they can never find that corner, and it isn’t due to a lack of working google maps.

The two reasons Greece and its people survived (not everyone of course, that is) in the last decade was the fact that hundreds of thousands of citizens went abroad for work, and North African coupled with Turkish tourism collapsed due to the wars/upheavals in those regions. But the 2020 collapse in tourism which registered probably a 80% downturn in both numbers and takings will eventually take its toll as it will complete a full cycle (Easter 2020-Easter 2021).

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Police roadblocks in the Western Greater Athens region of Aspropirgos

The Greek riot police have spent over a decade cracking heads open and targeting the most vulnerable in society, usually pensioners, women, and children. They actually get a buzz out of it that breaks the boredom of hanging around doing nothing. Twice in the past they have been defeated: intheriots over a dump site which was withdrawn in Keratea, Greece and in the islands of the Aegean over illegal immigration. A third event is developing, this time round the Covid dictatorship in Western Athens, the old rustbelt of Aspropirgos (which in the last three decades has been populated by ex-Russian Pontiac Greeks who arrived in the mid-1980s and settled in the region) and a northern town called Kozani which has also been in extreme lockdown.

The curfew has been imposed from 6pm till 5am and helicopters and drones have been circling the areas daily with police roadblocks in and out of the roads that connect the region. All shops and markets apart from supermarkets are to be closed. Hundredsgotinvolved in battles with the riot police for a series of nights. These areas have become a testing site to roll this out nationally, and it’s no coincidence that locals interviewed in the media mentioned that this is all about going national (i.e. a new Junta). Just as this is being written, a new lockdown has been announced, nationally restricting movements from 9pm to 5pm and re-closing everything apart from supermarkets. The aim of course is to lock Greece down from 6pm and block all movements. This appears to be an EU agenda as France announced similar types of measures as well.

Theriotpolice’s role has now been elevated in imposing around-the-clock curfews, the problem being that there aren’t enough of them and going into local areas in such a brutal manner only shows their limitations. This role can only realistically be imposed by an army with shoot to kill orders.

The Covidian Junta is trying to impose a Woke Dictatorship whereby people volunteer to stay imprisoned indefinitely, and if they come out, then we send riot police out to crack a few skulls. This would work if there was an active segment of the population on the streets pushing for people to stay in, but they are all shielding from life in general, hence the arrival of the riot police only inflames passions and inevitably leads to their defeat as they can’t take on locals in their own areas. Apart from the riots in Aspropirgos, a motorcade rally now occurred in Kozani, with emphasis that no political parties are allowed to be present.

Lockdown Left Propping Up New Democracy

Never in the history of Greece has there been such a total and complete unison in politics by all the representatives in Parliament. The previous decade of course showed that they were in unison in particular when fake left Syriza took over and New Democracy voted alongside them for the 3rd Memorandum. Now,though, they are in lockstep behind endless rounds of lockdowns, which according to the World Bank are to go on for a full five years (funding has been secured for that aim).

The leaders of the official left parties Syriza and KKE rushed to get the Pfeizer vaccine and no other. Not the Russian, but Pfeizer’s, the one that the government was allegedly going to roll out for millions within weeks but which now has been derailed as only a few thousand arrived and are now on hold. Having told everyone that lockdowns are the only way for stopping the virus but then they don’t stop it, they now tell everyone that the vaccine will but then they stop its rollout, which begs the question that if lockdowns were successful, then why were they continued? And if they weren’t successful, then why weren’t they discontinued?

World Bank documentation stating that funding for Covid goes on till 2025

The Greek government has voted through a (Great Reset) Bankruptcy Law and now individuals will be treated as corporations. Without your knowledge, creditors can apply for default. So for any loan you have taken out or for any money you owe, if they push for bankruptcy and you own any assets, then they will go for them….real asset stripping will occur, not the fake ones that occurred before when they fake Left allegedly got involved in stopping them. This time around, there won’t even be any fake protests as the Lockdown Left will be at home wearing a mask and keeping ‘safe’. This is the number one priority of all political discourse nowadays: how to save oneself from death by dying one lockdown at a time.

In the end, only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable, either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…

Evans Aggelissopoulos is a former university lecturer from a Greek family of political emigres who specializes in Greek Deep State politics.

Originally published on One World

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