God and the Devil in Haitian History
By Jean Saint-Vil
Global Research, December 05, 2013

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Today, December 5, 2013 marks the 521st anniversary of the Tainos People’s first encounter with Christopher Columbus on the island of Ayiti.

Today, Ayiti houses the Republic of Haiti to the West and the Dominican Republic, to the East.

December 31, 2013, will mark the 10th anniversary of the following prophetic declaration made at Haiti’s Montana Hotel:

“The Real Problem with Haiti is that the international community is so screwed up and divided that they are letting Haitians run Haiti”.

Less than 2 months after then-Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luigi Einaudi, uttered these infamous words at the Montana, in my presence as well as other witnesses including journalist Kevin Pina and lawyer/activist Marguerite Laurent, the “real problem with Haiti” was supposedly solved by U.S. troops entering the residence of Haiti’s democratically-elected president in the dead of night, kidnapping him and his wife and dumping them more than 20 hours later in the French neo-colony known as the Central African Republic.  

This week, I invite one and all to take another look at THE REAL PROBLEM with Haiti. Let us examine Pat Robertson’s “earthquake causing devil” in the light of hard and verifiable historical facts. Indeed, what has “the devil” been up to these days? What else does he have in store for Haiti?

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