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An ongoing smear campaign against Global Research appears at the top of the search engines.

According to Canada’s Global and Mail “ is being investigated [by NATO] for the dissemination of conspiracy theories and Kremlin-friendly points of view.” 

I will not go into details or respond to this gush of derogatory statements.

Readers should consult our site and decide who is telling the truth. 

Below are comments from prominent authors and personalities.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, November 2018.

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Global Research provides penetrating analysis with breaking news for a planetary audience and remains the indispensable resource for citizens of the world. Michael Carmichael, Founder and Director of the Planetary Movement.

Global Research is the leading research source on the fundamental issues of war and peace, imperialism and resistance, on the financial crises and the alternatives… Prof Chossudovsky has provided a forum for cutting edge critical essays which challenge the principle pundits of the mass media.” Prof. James Petras, award winning author, retired Bartle Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, NY.

Global Research provides penetrating analysis of world events. The articles published by this invaluable website pull no punches in reporting on global power relations. Prof. Marjorie Cohn, distinguished author and Professor Emerita, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, University of California, San Diego. 

Today, more than ever before, war depends on deception. To oppose war without seeing through the deceptions currently being practiced by governments of the West is to act in vain. Global Research bravely takes on this task, and that is why it is a vital resource for us all.  This is why I have made its website my homepage. Prof. Graeme MacQueen, author and distinguished professor of religious studies

The articles and debates are very well documented and the information that is shared is honest and impartial. We need such professionalism in a moment where the Main Stream Media have sold their souls to the “politically correct” and forgotten their duty to inform honestly the public opinion. Mother Agnes-Mariam of the CrossMonastery Saint James the Mutilated, author, analyst and human rights advocate based in Syria.

When I want real, up to the minute information on world events, I first check with Its writers are some of the best journalists in the world.  Others display unique insights and local knowledge not available elsewhere in the so-called “Main Stream Media”. J. Michael Springmann, renowned author and former US State Department official. 

Global Research is one of the finest and most easily accessed research tools on the web. A vast array of articles by the best known researchers are instantly available. Michel Chossudovsky’s meticulous research, perspicacity and courageous reporting offer the reader credible and in-depth analyses of the complex and controversial events of our time.  Bonnie Faulkner, Producer/Host, Guns and Butter, The Pacifica Radio Network

Truth is rare to find nowadays. We are consistently being lied to by the mainstream media – MSM, and especially by our ‘elected’ politicians. Global Research contains articles from conscious politicians, professors, journalists, whistle-blowers, geopolitical analysts, as well as ‘common people’, who simply want to help raise global consciousness by spreading the truth. Peter Koenig, renowned economist and former World Bank official.

I absolutely count on as the highest quality, most professional news analysis service in North America and beyond. For many ethical, well-known authors and journalists with deep investigative and critical analysis skills, Global Research is one of very few high-readership places they can seek publication now that the corporate-controlled media has shut them out.  Elizabeth Woodworth, renowned Canadian author

I have known this Website for years and did not find another one that would be of a similar quality with respect to it being truly independent, best informed, analytically deep, close to many different realities of this world, and reader-friendly. I cannot imagine to renounce on looking at globalresearch every day. Prof. Claudia von Werlhof, distinguished author, professor of political science and women’s studies, University of Innsbruck,  Austria.

Global Research is massive! I think as a resource for anyone interested in world affairs, it’s probably unrivalled in its depth and breadth. William Bowles, renowned author and geopolitical analyst.

Global Research is one of the few international news site I completely trust. I make it required reading for my Political Sociology classes. Prof. Peter Phillips Professor of Political Sociology, Sonoma State University, Cal. (image right)

We consider the website our most important source of reliable news.  We especially value its courageous coverage of state crimes against democracy, which are rarely covered by most news and analysis organization.  We trust the site’s integrity and rely on it almost exclusively. Speaking personally, I would be lost without the extraordinary information provided by globalresearch: I would not know where else to find it. Karin Brothers, Canadian author and human rights activist  

Every day I turn several times to Global Research to read the latest postings on developments at home and abroad. Under the directorship of Professor Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished Canadian professor, Global Research provides a wide array of analysis based on facts that stand in contradiction to the official lies that are used to control the explanations fed to the public.  If you care to work your way out of The Matrix, read Global Research. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, renowned economist and author, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan

Primarily, I appreciate the artillery of Professor Chossudovsky’s grand statements on a variety of political issues, books, and analysis of the crimes of the US Empire in the international arena. What I also do appreciate is the guts of GR to question the official narrative of 9/11, which in itself is considered a mortal sin. To keep up with the real developments of US politics and keep one’s critical senses, GR is vital. Dr.Ludwig Watzal, Journalist and Editor based in Bonn, Germany. 

Global Research is edited by a renowned political economic scholar with no fear but much knowledge who has always in his work, since exposing the plan for genocide of democratic socialist Yugoslavia before it happened,  laid bare the horror while the privileged journals, media, academics and political climbers ignored and profited. Global Research contributors are cut from similar cloth, and track the reality otherwise unsaid – so far ahead of and deeper than the chattering ideologues in the MSM as to be an embarrassment to them and their paymasters. Prof. John McMurtry, professor of philosophy emeritus at Guelph University, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC).

In these times of great political upheaval and confusion, when the very core of civilized society appears to be disintegrating, Global Research can consistently be relied on to provide the facts with a clarity, a thoroughness and a truth like no other. Renee Parsons, distinguished author and former Mayor of Durango City, Colorado. 

Global Research is a key part of the effort to get the truth out and to provide activists with the information we need to overwhelm the corporate media. They set an example for all of us. We all need to think of ourselves as media outlets and use our social media and other outlets to put forward a narrative to support a popular movement for radical transformation. Kevin Zeese, author, human rights activist and co-director of Popular Resistance

‘I say ‘no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world’. But they will be and they are now: in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and a dozen other places on our globe. Humankind is on the brink. Widespread dissemination of truth and of truthful analysis is central in restoring rationality and world peace. Global Research is doing its very best in this. Dr. David Halpin, retired British surgeon and renowned human rights advocate. 

Does this unflinching commitment to deal with the facts behind the mainstream media narrative, irrespective of the consequences, create controversy? Yes. In fact, Professor Chossudovsky has been and is the target of innumerable character assassinations and disinformation regarding his views. However, he and the CRG have not only survived these obvious attempts to put a halt to their work, but collectively and individually the entire staff has blossomed even further. Wherever I go in different countries, progressive people follow GR. There is no other independent web site that has this incredible reach and scope.  Arnold August, award-winning Canadian author and political analyst of Cuba.

“Global Research is a much-needed and potent antidote to the massive doses of disinformation administered to us daily by the mainstream media, including newspapers, magazines, and of course television. Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels, prominent Canadian historian and author. 

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