Global Risks: The World on the Verge of Disintegration


Global Risks as an Axiological Issue

The issue of global risks is basically an axiological (value) matter that requires a thorough analysis of certain socio-political factors viewed through the lens of universalizable moral principles that promote human flourishing in terms of

(1) amelioration/alleviation of suffering;

(2) resolution of conflict; and

(3) promotion of happiness.

In this consideration, global risks basically threaten the human condition by putting the planet Earth, which is the abode of all living organisms including humans, in a very precarious situation.

Projecting global risks at their most horrifying conclusion is tantamount to an anticipation of the seemingly incontrovertible annihilation of the Earth’s biosphere. Without exaggerating the foreshadowed diabolical prospect, the issue of global risks has been the most serious concern of sensible people who have long been disseminating all over the world valuable information on the global risks that presently haunt us and can ultimately lead to wiping out life on the planet if not immediately and efficiently addressed.

The present reality obtaining in today’s world is critically menaced by four horrific risks that have been aggressively and invasively petrifying the globe: (1) environmental degradation leading to the destruction of the ecosystems; (2) massive threat of nuclear destruction; (3) catastrophic wars of attrition commonly known as terrorism; and (4) biological warfare which is also a form of terrorism called bioterrorism and the accompanying lies that intensify it. In general, these global risks are superficially taken separately as four distinct and hence unrelated issues. Nevertheless, a closer and more detailed examination of their dynamics points to a deeper reality that they are interconnected–even intertwined to a certain extent–in terms of the colossal power base that logistically sustains them and from which their disastrous energy emanates.

Environmental Degradation Leading to the Destruction of the Ecosystems

Many nations that have grown to become global powers have by and large spawned supreme and dominant industrial magnates, commercial tycoons and multinational investment financiers. A lot (though not all) of these big-business heavyweights’ industries largely–even totally–depend on raw materials collected and gathered at extremely cheap costs from natural resources found in underdeveloped and developing countries particularly in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

While engaged in such kind of no-holds-barred activities, it is indeed lamentable that they have never actually been bothered by the environmental destruction their minions and vassals have continually perpetrated just to achieve their main goal of increasing their wealth to unlimited proportion and stretching the scope of their business empires to inexhaustible dimensions. To achieve their nefarious schemes, they even entice leaders of developing and underdeveloped countries by offering them enormous gifts of financial bounty once allowed by these leaders to avail of and extract raw materials from available natural resources.

In other instances, these industrial giants even construct and/or rent buildings and transform them into factories in less well-off countries to avail of their cheap labor. While engaged in labor exploitation, they are also operating production machines that emit highly toxic smoke in the atmosphere and in certain cases extremely hazardous chemical wastes that contaminate waterways like streams and rivers and lead to the decimation of edible water animals.

Massive Threat of Nuclear Destruction

The same global powers have steadily and uncompromisingly used the threat of nuclear attacks to sustain their political dominance and assure their economic ascendancy. This is common in certain parts of the globe where they announce to the rest of the world that their presence is constantly challenged and thus unrelentingly threatened on the basis of a fabricated lie to sustain their own self-serving interests. They have been stockpiling nuclear weapons with the capability of annihilating populations right close to the frontiers of their perceived adversaries like Iran and Russia, just to name the most threatening countries according to their distorted interpretation.

Underneath all these undertakings is the same perennial agenda of the same global powers that have continually threatened the global environment for the same motive of controlling certain regions of the planet to gain immense politico-economic hegemony. Their vehement reaction against countries that have their own nuclear power initiatives is emphatically made known by demonizing such countries through the use of mainstream media owned, operated, and controlled by billionaires who are the major power players within their turfs. Simply put, they are allergic to equal power platforms which are understandable from the point of view of imperialistic domination.

Catastrophic Wars of Attrition Commonly Known as “Terrorism”

We are living witnesses to the savagery and ferocity of war machinery deployed by these global powers as they literally razed to the ground previously prosperous and progressive countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria among others. We are spectators to the horrifying scenario of how they massively destroy properties even national monuments and heirlooms of historical and cultural significance. We are helpless onlookers as they slaughter defenseless populations caught amidst wars that they flagrantly started.

These global powers are the real terrorists up to destroy nations that obliterate the trajectory of their hegemonic goal and wreck geographical locations of enormous resources like petroleum to take control over them. In a related event, the most explosive target that registers on their crosshair is oil-rich Venezuela against whose independent posturing and flat defiance these global powers have imposed absolute economic sanctions.

This whole demonization programme started all the way back at the inception of the 21st century as an aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy that demolished New Yorks World Trade Center twin towers. With all the lies compounded to cover the real motives and issues behind this catastrophic event, the so-called “war against terrorism” was officially launched during a press conference when then POTUS George W. Bush issued to the world the illogical statement, “If you are not with us, you are against us.”

Biological Warfare a.k.a. Bioterrorism and the Accompanying Lies that Intensify It

A global power using viruses, bacteria, and insects among others to paralyze and even kill people, animals or plants to derail, destroy and devastate national economies is a declaration of war. This is biological warfare also know as bioterrorism. Side-by-side with it is a massive scare propaganda to strike fear in the hearts of people who generally develop deep-set paranoia as the media unceasingly concoct terrifying narratives that they feed as news items on TV, radio, newspaper and the internet. This is the catastrophic event the world has been going through for almost a year now. Media outlets subservient to the “scare narratives” imposed by the criminals behind the spread of this scourge called Covid-19 have regularly been coming out with reports aimed to intensify fear and in the process impose control over the populace through stringent restrictive measures like lockdowns and confinements.

In the present crisis that the world has been experiencing, one thing is certain: We’ve been deceived–and immensely deceived–by the creators of this virus (1) to take total control over the global economy and (2) to sell to us the vaccines they have been developing. A truckload of circumstantial pieces of solid evidence point to certain international organizations and foundations as leading participants in the invention/creation and spread of the coronavirus. But here is the twist that shatters the story of the lethal virus: According to a series of meticulous and in-depth  tests conducted by independent medical scientists in the fields of virology and epidemiology, this so-called Covid-19 is never as deadly as it is described in stories its creators and propagandists have been spreading all over the world. Besides the PCR tests being conducted are quite disappointingly inaccurate so that the bloated statistics of people tested positive is absolutely unreliable.

In a lot of instances, the majority of test results are “positive”. But the crazy thing here is, a lot of those people tested “positive” have never really been seriously sick. So, in the final analysis, coronavirus is not a reality to them. It is nothing but a figment of the imagination. The problem could be in the inaccuracy of the testing tools and/or procedure. Or perhaps, the truth is, the world has long been actually conned by the criminal creators of this bullshit of a PLANdemic.


We can blame a lot of factors–mainly political and economic–to get alarmed at and concerned about the risks that have been threatening the globe and its inhabitants. We have in fact identified them quite well. We could even strengthen them with a myriad of proofs sustaining their reality if we delve much more deeply. However, beyond all these considerations, there is only one single culprit that has long been the cause of global destruction and that is we human beings. We may utter our strongest disagreement to this claim and reason out that we’ve never been actually and directly involved in any of these circumstances. But our utter silence and obvious nonchalance to the point of openly expressing an opinion that getting seriously engaged in this cause is an exercise in futility is the most harmful attitude that heavily contributes to the intensification of serious risks jeopardizing all of life on planet Earth.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)


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Prof. Ruel F. Pepa is a Filipino philosopher based in Madrid, Spain. A retired academic (Associate Professor IV), he taught Philosophy and Social Sciences for more than fifteen years at Trinity University of Asia, an Anglican university in the Philippines.

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