Global Research Top Stories: Towards World-Wide Strategic Chaos and Financial Tumoil
By Global Research News
Global Research, August 25, 2015

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Today, Global Research brings to the attention of its readers a selection of recent GR articles dealing with major economic and political issues including the Shanghai stock market meltdown, the Migration Crisis  and the broader issue of the “America’s system of “capitalist governance”.   


The Economic Elite Versus The People of the USA:  In our Nation’s History, the Stakes have Never been Higher

By Robert Abele, August 23, 2015

By now it is nearly commonplace that the specific American system of capitalist governance has resulted in a hollowing-out of U.S. democracy, which now serves the interests of economic elites rather than the people…


The Migration Crisis: Victims of Western Wars Forced to Flee Their Countries

By Amari Roos, August 25, 2015

The ‘immigration crisis’ in Europe continues to worsen as a result of Western-instigated chaos in the Middle East and African countries. Several EU nations are facing a drastic influx of desperate people, with little resources available to help them.


Labour’s Lost Soul: Britain and the Labour Party Leadership Election

By Lesley Docksey, August 24, 2015

Corbyn’s presence in this election has shown one thing – that there are thousands of UK citizens looking for a better society, a fairer world. That is something they ceased to hope for when none of the main parties offers it. ‘Right’ or Left’, all we are presented with is some form of austerity.

us-vs-chinaChinese Central Banker Blames Fed for Market Crash

By Tyler Durden, August 25, 2015

While the western mainstream media meme is that “this is all China’s fault” – despite the fact that the real break happened after the FOMC Minutes last week – Xinhua reports that China central bank blames wide-spread expectations of a wide-spread expectations of a Fed rate hike in September for the global market rout… demanding The Fed “remain patient.”

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