Global Research’s War Correspondent Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya receives Prize of the Mexican Press Club
By Global Research
Global Research, December 09, 2011
9 December 2011
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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) was granted The Prize of the Mexican Press Club (Club de Periodistas de Mexico) for his outstanding achievements and writings as a War Correspondent for the Independent media. 

Nazemroaya was a witness to the “Arab Spring” in action in North Africa. While on the ground in Libya during the NATO bombing campaign, he reported out of Tripoli for several Western media. He was Special Correspondent for Global Research and Pacifica’s investigative radio program Flashpoints, broadcast out of Berkeley, California. 

Mexico City, December 8, 2011. Mexican Press Club. Club de periodistas

In the course of his endeavors, his life was threatened for telling the truth, for exposing NATO war crimes.

During his stay in the Rixos hotel in Tripoli,  Mahdi Nazemroaya challenged the very foundations of war propaganda, he revealed the devastation of NATO bombings.

The mainstream media operating out of the Rixos hotel in Tripoli had direct links to NATO, the Transitional Council and Rebel Forces. They were serving NATO interests in a direct way through massive media distortion.

The few independent journalists within the Rixos Media Centre committed to the truth were the object of veiled threats.

Those who say the truth are threatened. Those who lie and accept the NATO consensus, their lives will be protected. NATO special forces operating within rebel ranks will ensure their safety.

The ceremony in Mexico City was held on December 8.

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