Global Research News Hour: John Williams, Larry Everest, Francis Boyle, Jennifer Loewenstein, Hana Al Bayaty
By Global Research
Global Research, January 23, 2009
23 January 2009
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The Global Research News Hour on RBN is an initiative of the Centre for Research on Globalization

John Williams, Larry Everest, Francis Boyle, Jennifer Loewenstein and Hana Al Bayaty are the featured guests on The Global Research News Hour

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The GRNH provides a global perspective on what is really happening in America and around the World – vital information unavailable in the mainstream, with noted guests sharing their expertise with listeners.

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Hosts: Stephen Lendman and Michel Chossudovsky


Monday, January 19 – John Williams, host Stephen Lendman

Tuesday, January 20 – Larry Everest,  host Stephen Lendman

Wednesday, January 21 – Francis Boyle  host Stephen Lendman

Thursday, January 22 – Jennifer Loewenstein  host Stephen Lendman

Friday, January 23 – Hana Al Bayaty,  host Michel Chossudovsky

Time: 10AM US Central time. (10-11am CT), 8am PT, 11am ET

About this week’s guests:

John Williams is a consulting economist and editor of the Shadow Government Statistics web site and electronic newsletter. He calls government data manipulated, corrupted, and unreliable and reverse engineers it for a more accurate assessment of economic conditions.

The current economic crisis will be discussed on the program.

Larry Everest is a longtime writer, author, activist and critic of US imperialism. For over 20 years, he’s covered the Middle East and Central Asia for the Berkeley-based Revolutionary Worker newspaper. In addition, his articles appear in numerous other publications, and he contributes regularly on-air for Pacifica Radio KPFA’s Flashpoints.

The current Gaza conflict will be discussed and how the Obama administration will address it.

Francis Boyle is an international law and human rights expert and professor of law at the University of Illinois. He also lectures widely, writes extensively, and authored numerous books, including “Palestine, Palestinians and International Law.”

In 1987, Boyle was the PLO’s legal advisor in drafting its 1988 Declaration of Independence. From 1991 – 1993, he served in the same capacity for the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations leading up to the Oslo process.

The war in Gaza will be discussed with special focus on Israel’s human rights and international law violations and Washington’s complicity in their commission.

Jennifer Loewenstein teaches at the University of Wisconsin and is Associate Director of its Middle East Studies Program. She is also a board member of the Israeli Coalition against House Demolitions-USA branch, founder of the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, and a freelance journalist.

Loewenstein just returned from the Middle East. The Gaza war will be discussed.

Hana Al Bayaty is a prominent French-Iraqi writer and film director based in Cairo. She has directed two documentary films: “Dar Al Salam” on the Palestinian question and “Of Democracy in Iraq”, providing an insight into a meeting of the major Iraqi opposition groups which took place in London three weeks before the 2003 invasion.

She is a member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee and has also served as a member of the  World Tribunal on Iraq Jury of Conscience, Istanbul. She is the coordinator of the Iraqi International Initiative on Refugees and is a regular contributor, focussing on US war crimes in Iraq, for the Al Ahram Weekly newspaper.

In the program, Hana Al Bayaty will be focussing on recent events in Gaza, including the broad implications of US-Israel aggression for the Middle East region.


Among our recent guests are Garda Ghista, Founding Director of the World Prout Assembly (WPA),  Michael Hudson, distinguished economist and author, David Swanson, Co-Founder of and Washington Director of, Mickey Z, distinguished author and activist, Naomi Wolf, award winning best-selling author, Howard Zinn, award-winning historian and political scientist, Ilan Pappe, distinguished history professor, author and human rights activist, John Pilger, renowned author and documentary film director, Angara Chaterjii, human rights activist and Associate professor of Social Anthropology, Umberto Pascali, distinguished author and geopolitical analyst, Phillis Bennis, renowned American author and antiwar activist, Hana Al Bayaty, French-Iraqi antiwar activist, author and film director, Max Fuller, distinguished author and analyst of the Iraq war, Jane Mayer, political and investigative journalist for The New Yorker; Danny Schechter, media activist, independent filmmaker & TV producer; Peter Phillips, distingushed author, Sociology Professor and Director of Project Censored, Tom Burghardt, author and renowned analyst of the national security state, Dr. C. Stephen Frost, renowned British physician who investigated the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly, Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower who played a central role in the Vietnam peace movement, author of the Pentagon Papers, Michael Ratner, distinguished attorney and civil rights activist, Dahr Jamail, award-winning writer and war correspondent Peter Dale Scott, distinguished poet, English professor and author, Doug Dowd, historian and author, Scott Taylor, renowned Canadian author, publisher and war correspondent, Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, distinguished author and specialist of the Middle East, Andrew Marshall, author and researcher at the Centre for Research on Globalization, David Ray Griffin, distinguished professor of theology, best-selling author and analyst of 9/11, Stephen Downs and Kathy Manly, New York-based defense attorneys of political prisoner Yassin Aref, Greg Elich, author and analyst of North Korea, Michael Parenti, scholar, peace activist and best-selling author, Ellen Brown, litigation attorney, best-selling author and analyst of the US monetary system, Briton Amos, author and human rights activist, Jerome Corsi, best-selling author, Richard C. Cook, author and analyst of the US financial crisis, Ramzi Baroud, best-selling author with a focus on the history of Palestine, F. William Engdahl, best selling author and analyst of the New World Order, Mike Whitney, author and analyst of Washington’s military agenda, Dr. David Halpin, prominent British physician and antiwar activist, Francis Boyle, law professor and author, Cindy Sheehan, prominent antiwar activist, Michael Carmichael, author and historian, Felicity Arbuthnot, renowned author, antiwar activist and veteran Middle East war correspondent, James Petras, World renowned author and professor of sociology, Lynne Stewart, noted defense lawyer, Robert McChesney, leading media scholar, critic and activist, Marjorie Cohn, best selling author, leading American jurist and law professor, Rodrigue Tremblay, professor of economics, renowned author and former Quebec Cabinet Minister, Jules Dufour, professor of geography and distinguished Latin America studies expert.

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Stephen Lendman
is a renowned author and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is based in Chicago and has written extensively on war and peace, social justice in America and many other national and international issues. Stephen Lendman is a recipient of a 2008 Project Censored Award, University of California at Sonoma.

Stephen Lendman can be reached at [email protected]

Award winning author and economics professor Michel Chossudovsky is Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal, which hosts the critically acclaimed website:

Michel Chossudovsky has taught at universities and academic institutions in North America, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. He is currently teaching in the International Development and Globalization Studies Program at the University of Ottawa.

He has undertaken field-research in all major regions of the developing World and has traveled to over 100 countries.

Michel Chossudovsky has also worked for several United Nations organizations on missions to Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa and has acted as adviser to governments of developing countries.

He is an active member of the Canadian antiwar movement and has written extensively on US and allied war plans in the Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia.

He is the author of several international best sellers including The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order (2003) and America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005) and more than 500 articles. His writings have been translated into more than 25 languages. He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Michel Chossudovsky can be reached at [email protected]

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