Global Research: Committed to Curbing Disinformation…With Your Help!
By The Global Research Team
Global Research, October 07, 2019

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In a “post-truth” “fake news” era, it is important now more than ever to have a reliable news source that delivers the critical analysis that is ignored or manipulated by the mainstream media. 

Global Research is committed to curbing the tide of disinformation and stimulating public engagement and understanding through our activities.

At this juncture in our history, we all have decisions to make regarding the roles our lives will play in the struggle for social justice and peace. Global Research gives you some of the important tools to make these decisions based on fact and real understanding.

The service we provide may be free, but there are very real costs associated with it. For several months now we have been struggling to make ends meet. We are on course to get back on track during the next 12 months, but not without the help of our readers! To support us in this endeavor, please make a donation or become a member of Global Research now.

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