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Global Research, September 07, 2009
7 September 2009
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Recently we presented you with a challenge: sign up for a Global Research Membership and help sustain our efforts to continue providing cutting-edge news and insightful, timely analysis.

We have received many responses, taking various forms – membership enrolments, mailing list subscriptions, donations and many words of support.

While we value every contribution, Global Research nonetheless continues to operate on a shoestring budget and depends on the financial support of its readers.

This past week, the free CRG Newsletter, which is sent out to over 18,000 readers, received well over 200 new subscribers; however, only about 3% of these have opted to become Global Research Members.

Supporting Global Research through an annual membership means investing in initiatives that increase awareness and spread important research to the broader public. Consider some of the following comments which we have received from Global Research readers:

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“I’d like to thank Global Research for providing us with up to date information of current events around the world… If everyone was to get their news from Global Research the masses would be well informed and more aware instead of being brainwashed by mainstream media. “

“We have to get the wisdom and passion of Global Research to young people… We need the young badly to hear your messages.”

We thank you for this encouragement, and remind our readers that Global Research is able to maintain its independence because it does not seek financial support from private and public foundations. Bear in mind that all our authors, the CRG’s directors and research associates have generously volunteered their time and energy to Global Research.

Therefore, we ask that you consider actively supporting Global Research through an annual membership. 

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