Global Economic Chaos
By Global Research
Global Research, August 08, 2011
8 August 2011
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Europe is on the verge of collapsing and the world is again in the quagmire, the reason being Europe, rather than just Greece, is the planet’s soft belly, and the impact of Europe’s eventual downfall would make itself felt throughout the world, even if Germany, or France, could somehow be spared.

The scale of impact is unpredictable, but potentially worse than that of the recent toxic assets crisis. The European bloc is the second largest economy, the first trade partner of China, the largest importer of Russian energy and the first buyer of high quality raw materials (it still holds the Hilton quota, the world’s most expensive meat quota). – Raul de Sagastizabal, “Europe Is On The Verge Of Collapsing

When the big banks screamed “crisis,” they were instantly rewarded with trillions of taxpayer money. Likewise, when rich bondholders — some of them bailout beneficiaries — yelled “crisis” at the U.S. debt, they were immediately rewarded with trillions of dollars taken from social programs for the poor. The jobs crisis, however, staggers on with no relief in sight. The recent troubles in the U.S. economy are forcing working people to reexamine their hopes for a recovery, as has been promised to them for years. They will not wait much longer. Shamus Cooke, “Mass Unemployment in America: The Jobs Crisis Demands Attention”

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