Global Currency Wars and the Police State

Selected Articles

SUPERPOWER: Feature Documentary
Order from Global Research
– 2010-10-21

THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS. New Book from Global Research.
The Great Depression of the XXI Century
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-10-20

Crypto Wars! Obama Wants New Law to Wiretap the Internet
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-10-04

We’re In a Global Currency War … But What Does It Mean?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-04

“We Demand Change in America”: The Real Significance of the One Nation Rally
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-10-04

Venezuela: Left wins, but Right Makes Gains
– by Federico Fuentes – 2010-10-04

Marching on Washington: The Joy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat as my Feet Hurt and Heart Ached
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-10-04

Economic Shock Therapy for Wall Street: Mortgage Lenders Could Soon be Falling like Dominos
JP Morgan suspends 56,000 foreclosures, GMAC and BOA
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-10-03

Workers Rights and the Economic Crisis: Striking in a Time of Austerity
– by Scott Neigh – 2010-10-03

US Sponsored “Civil War” in Colombia: Piedad Córdoba and Her Fight for Peace
– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-10-03

Obama’s Congo Moment: Genocide, the U.N. Report and Senate Bill 2125
– by Ann Garrison – 2010-10-03

VIDEO: China Labour Strikes Gain Momentum
Despite ban, workers seeking more rights step up strikes across the country.
– by Steve Chao – 2010-10-03

11 US Soldiers Killed in Philippine Anti-Terror Campaign Since 2002
– 2010-10-03

Volcker: “The Financial System is Broken” and “the Mortgage Market Has Become a Subsidiary of the U.S. Government”
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-03

What Classless Society? The Growing Rich-poor Gap in “Classless” America
Top 10% controls 96% of the wealth
– by Jack A. Smith – 2010-10-03

In Struggle With The American Mind
– by William Blum – 2010-10-02

Crisis of US Monetary Policy: Quantitative Easing Doesn’t Work
Bernanke Knew This Back in 1988
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-02

America’s Food Chain: The Crisis, the Attack, the Kill
The S-510 Legislation Spells Disaster
– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-02

Towards an Inflationary Depression in America
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-02

Victim of FBI Raid Speaks Out
– by Tom Eley – 2010-10-02

US House Passes Anti-China Trade War Bill
– by Barry Grey – 2010-10-01

Turkey and Russia Defy America’s Imperial Design in the Middle East and Central Asia
– by Eric Walberg – 2010-10-01

“Underground” Group of Cadets Say Air Force Academy Controlled by Evangelicals
– by Mike Ludwig – 2010-10-01

Scientists: 40 Times More Cancer-Causing Toxics in Gulf than Before Spill … Dispersants to Blame
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-10-01

Farewell to Arms: Jenny, Iraq and the Next War
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-10-01

Baltic States: Pentagon’s Training Grounds For Afghan and Future Wars
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-10-01

Deceptions, A brilliant Clarion to save the Internet
Review of Chris Pratt’s film
– by Rady Ananda – 2010-10-01

Ecuador: A third US sponsored coup d’etat against a member state of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA)
– by Eva Golinger – 2010-10-01

Ecuador: Wounded President denounces Coup
– 2010-10-01

Coup d’état continues in Ecuador
– 2010-10-01

Venezuela’s Elections: A Win for US Interference
– by Eva Golinger – 2010-10-01

ICC can prosecute Israel for aid attack
– 2010-09-30

The Neoliberal Experiment and Europe’s anti-Austerity Strikes: Governments must Lower Wages or Suffer Financial Blackmail
– by Michael Hudson – 2010-09-30

BOOK LAUNCH, CONFERENCE: The Global Economic Crisis, The Great Depression of the XXI Century
Montreal September 30th
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-09-30

Nobel Laureate Mairead McGuire arrested by Government of Israel
– by Niloufer Bhagwat – 2010-09-30

Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Review of David Ray Griffin’s Book
– by Elizabeth Woodworth – 2010-09-30

Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defects
– by F. William Engdahl – 2010-09-30

VIDEO: New Scientific Evidence Contradicts Official 9/11 Explanation
Watch now on GRTV
– 2010-09-29

Gold and the Currency Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-29

America’s China Bashing: A Compendium of Junk Economics
– by Prof Michael Hudson – 2010-09-29

America’s Police State: Political Activists Facing Searches and Surveillance
– by Kevin Zeese – 2010-09-29

Financial Fraud and the Global Derivative Casino
Not one banker, regulator or central banker has been prosecuted
– by Matthias Chang – 2010-09-29

As Western Civilization Lies Dying
– by John Kozy – 2010-09-29

Antiwar activists raided by FBI could face prison
– by Tom Eley – 2010-09-29

Social Inequality in America: 2009 income gap in the US highest on record
– by David Walsh – 2010-09-29

Census Data: America Got Poorer in 2009
– by Max Fraad-Wolff – 2010-09-29

Obama and American Global Leadership
– by Jack A. Smith – 2010-09-29

Billionaires Unite! Against Public Education and Teachers
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-09-28

The Road to World War III – The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play
– by David DeGraw – 2010-09-28

U.S. Drone Attacks Wreak Material, Psychological Damage In Pakistan
– 2010-09-28

Pakistan under Attack: Now NATO gunships
– 2010-09-28

NATO Expands Afghan War Into Pakistan
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-09-28

How Bush Holdovers Trapped Obama
– by Robert Parry – 2010-09-28

A Curious Coincidence: Making the Case on National Security as Elections Approach & FBI Raids on American Peace Activists
– by Michael Carmichael – 2010-09-28

Israel’s reasoning against peace
Deal comes at high cost to Jewish privilege
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-09-28

FBI Raids Activists’ Homes in Sinister COINTELPRO Replay
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-09-27

SWAT teams smashed down doors and agents armed with search warrants carried out raids in Minneapolis and Chicago

DOJ Refuses to Revoke BP’s Probation Over Safety Violations at Texas City Refinery
– by Jason Leopold – 2010-09-27

Technical difficulties at
– 2010-09-27

Global Cooling and the New World Order. Global Cooling on the Agenda of the Bilderbergs
– by James Delingpole – 2010-09-27

Bahrain: Elections Signal Deep Social Tensions
– by Finian Cunningham – 2010-09-27

FBI Raids and the Police State
Selected Articles
– 2010-09-27

Australian Public health Investigation: Side effects of flu vaccine worse than the disease
– by Amy Corderoy – 2010-09-27

War Crimes in Fallujah, Tony Blair and a “Man with a Mission”
– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2010-09-27

Britain: New? ‘old’-new? Labour. the Election of Ed Miliband and the Left
– by William Bowles – 2010-09-27

Moscow, Beijing co-ordinate efforts on international arena
– by Sergey Borisov – 2010-09-27

U.S. Wants to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet
– by Charlie Savage – 2010-09-27

Interview With Family Devastated by US Drone Attack. The Dead were Completely Unrecognisable
– by Asim Qureshi – 2010-09-26

Media Disinformation: The Facts About Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech
– by Jack A. Smith – 2010-09-26

The Richest People in America
The Forbes 400 List: 2010
– by Tom Eley – 2010-09-26

Israel: “Wiped off The Map”. The Rumor of the Century, Fabricated by the US Media to Justify An All out War on Iran
– by Arash Norouzi – 2010-09-26

When Baghdad was centre of the scientific world
– by Jim al-Khalili – 2010-09-26

America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan: Deadly Drone Attacks Reach Record High
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-09-26

Did 9/11 Really “Change Everything”? Or Was It Simply an Excuse to Implement Exisiting War Plans
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-09-26

Computerized War Crimes: CIA used pirated, inaccurate software to target drone attacks
– by Daniel Tencer – 2010-09-26

A Call for a New, Unbiased 9/11 Commission to Investigate the Controlled Demolitions of the Three WTC Towers
– by Dr. Gary G. Kohls – 2010-09-26

The US clashes with Russia and China: Kyrgyzstan And The Great Game For Central Asia
– by M K Bhadrakumar – 2010-09-26

On Voting for Bad Democrats: the Perriello Predicament
– by David Swanson – 2010-09-25

Ahmadinejad and the 9/11 attacks
– 2010-09-25

Dangerous Crossroads: US War Games in Asia Target China, Russia and North Korea
Drills around China raise temp
– by Fu Wen – 2010-09-25

FBI Serves Terrorism Warrants in Minnesota, Chicago
– by The Associated Press – 2010-09-25

US may be seeking provocation to launch a war against Iran
– by Nadezhda Kevorkova – 2010-09-25

Police Intimidation: Anti-War Activists Targeted by the FBI
– by ANSWER – 2010-09-25

Obama at the UN: The Arrogant Voice of Imperialism
– by Bill Van Auken – 2010-09-25

Use of Corexit in 1978 Oil Spill Delayed Recovery by DECADES
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-09-25

Harrassed by the FBI. Speak up in solidarity with local peace activists!
– 2010-09-25

Afghanistan: Wealth, Corruption and Criminality Amidst Mass Poverty
The Collapse of Public Health and Sanitation
– by Prof. Marc W. Herold – 2010-09-25

Counterpunch’s “Left-Leaning” Attack on Fidel Castro
– by Dr. Fazal Rahman – 2010-09-25

The Credit Meltdown and Wall Street’s Shadow Banking System
What Basel III Missed
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-09-25

Surge in the Price of Gold: The Inner Workings of the International Gold Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-25

The Commonwealth Games Fiasco: The Shaky Foundations of India’s Cheap Labor Economy
– by Finian Cunningham – 2010-09-25

America’s War on Terrorism against Cuba
– by Jane Franklin – 2010-09-25

Peak Oil? Why not Peak Water
– by Willliam Bowles – 2010-09-25

It Is Official: The US Is A Police State
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-09-25

The Mysterious Case of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri. What was His Relationship to the CIA?
– by Mojmir Babacek – 2010-09-24

Hamas versus Fatah: Impasse in the Peace Talks. Why Washington Says ‘No’: Hamas is Not Ready to be ‘Engaged’
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-09-24

Media Buries Reports on Financial Crime
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-09-24

America Threatens Russia: U.S. Consolidates New Military Outposts In Eastern Europe
Bases, troops and missiles along the entire length of Eastern Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-09-24

Why America Cannot Win in Afghanistan
Exclusive Interview with Bonnie Faulkner
– by General Hamid Gul – 2010-09-24

Nothing Can Escape a Black Hole (Except Water, Gas, Energetic Particles, and ….)
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-09-24

U.S. officials say CIA runs elite Afghan fighting force
– 2010-09-24

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