Glitter of the Chicago NATO Summit. The hidden cloak of poverty, home foreclosures and joblessness
By Ross Ruthenberg
Global Research, May 22, 2012
22 May 2012
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NATO Leaves the 1% Chicago, None the Wiser: the 99% Chicago Struggles On

Amongst all the glitter of the NATO Summit in Chicago, with the many thousands of police force members pressed into difficult 12 hour shift duty to protect the elites from being exposed to American citizens opposed to everything they represent (war) and most of what they do (kill people), the elites at least got to see the City of Chicago, with all its magnificence along the lake-shore, with major expressways closed for their “convenience”.

Flying away on their private jets, they likely proclaimed “what a marvelous and beautiful city!”, perhaps unaware that they were purposely shown only the shiniest 1% of the 234 square mile city.  While pontificating about their responsibility to protect (R2P) the downtrodden peoples of other countries, the other 233 square miles of Chicago remained hidden from their view, behind the cloak of poverty, home foreclosures, joblessness, crime, drugs and gang warfare. 

NATO representatives should note that you don’t come to this 99% of Chicago for a dinner of imported sushi and lobster bisque, as likely enjoyed in your visit, or limousine stops to “see the sights”.

In fact, the 2.7 million “real Chicagoans” that struggle to live day by day here are much the same as those you have agreed amongst yourselves to “help” in other countries by bombing and shooting them, with the bogus excuse of “regime change” to bring “democracy to the people”.    The 24 million people of Yemen don’t need your “help”, nor do the 26 million Syrians or the 75 million Iranians.   

The few million struggling Chicagoans could indeed use your help.  Please come again and visit the real Chicago.  Don’t bring your Gucci bags.

Ross Ruthenberg is a Chicago area political analyst [email protected]  

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