Gaza, the killing field!

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“Killing one Palestinian is pollution, but killing all Palestinians is the solution.” This was the motto of Ariel Sharon’s Israeli army and their Lebanese militia cohorts during the 1982 massacres at the Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut. After these infamous massacres, the Israeli government established the Kahan commission to investigate, and subsequently found Israel indirectly responsible for the event, and also found Ariel Sharon to bear personal responsibility as the defense minister.

Ariel Sharon was a friend of the Bushes. As a matter of fact in 1998 Governor George W. Bush visited the Middle East , and took a helicopter tour of the region with Ariel Sharon. Before he left the US, Bush joked that the first thing he would do when he reached the Middle East was to tell his hosts that they were all “going to hell.” (He meant the Palestinians and all of the Arabs). [1].

Sure enough, and lucky for Israel, George W. Bush defied the odds and beat his brother Jeb to the number one job that every Bush aspires for, “the presidency of the United States.” John Ellis Bush (Jeb) was the one who was originally groomed by his father to be president. However, don’t count him out yet, because it is predicted that he will become president in 2012 or 2016.

George W. the allegedly Christian man in heart and in rhetoric has endorsed for the past eight years the persecution and the killing of Palestinians and Muslims in general, in order to please his neocon financiers and masters, so he can be assured of two terms in the white house, and not become a second term loser like his father. These historical statements that were discussed above have been a reflection of what has been taking place in the death camp of GAZA for the past two weeks.

 On the morning of 01-15-09, Israel shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip, engulfing the compound and a warehouse in fire and destroying thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies intended for Palestinian refugees. Another Israeli bombardment on Thursday allegedly killed the Hamas security chief. U.N. workers and Palestinian firefighters, some wearing bulletproof jackets, struggled to douse the flames and pull bags of food from the debris after the Israeli attack, which was another blow to efforts to ease the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. [2].

On 01-16, 2009, medical sources in Gaza reported that Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip have passed 1,000, as Egypt continues its efforts to broker a ceasefire. Nearly a third of the dead are reported to be children and nearly 5,000 people have been injured. After talks in Cairo , Hamas officials said they were happy with the broad outlines of an Egyptian initiative but that details remained to be worked out. Israeli negotiators are to visit Cairo to discuss Egypt ‘s proposal. The Ministry of Health in Gaza said 1,013 people have died in the conflict which started 19 days ago. [3].

On the 17th of January, “a truce was finally reached between the Israelis and Hamas. Though both sides continued fighting right up until the official start of the Gaza ceasefire, which took effect at 7:00 PM Eastern, calm has prevailed in the first few hours, neither side has reportedly attacked the other, and there is hope, however fleeting, that the fighting in the Gaza Strip may finally be over.” [4].


So what was the purpose of the conflict? Besides killing Palestinians, destroying Gaza ’s infrastructure, starving and torturing 1.5 million people, what was accomplished?

Apparently, Hamas remains defiant and intact, despite the Israeli claims of killing hundreds of their fighters. Interestingly, the media in the US and Israel has blacked out the ongoing protest of Israeli citizens against the brutality of their Apartheid government, however, CNN has accidentally insinuated yesterday that the blame falls on Israel for starting the war, after a series of provocations by their military.

Is it possible that Hamas the organization that was created and financed by the Israeli many years ago to undermine the late corrupt Yasser Arafat’s PLO, remain loyal to their masters? Could it be that by creating provocations and continuous conflict with the Israelis, Hamas will help Israel justify it’s aggression against the Palestinians as well as their total conquest of the resources and of the land?

In the last eight years, the Israelis were given the green light by the Bush administration to eradicate the Palestinian population. With the help of Hamas, they have developed killing fields like Gaza to bury as many bodies as they could, and always under the guise of safety and National security. They mastered the art of state terrorism and renamed it collateral damage. They also mastered all of the Nazis’ torture techniques and rendered the holy land of Palestine into a shameless killing field. They have reenacted their holocaust by attempting to eradicate the Palestinian population and/or rendering it into a powerless, small and insignificant subhuman specie that they can displace at anytime to anywhere else in the Middle East (per example Jordan or Lebanon), or make them accept any little piece of land that the Israelis will be willing to give up.

In reality, Israel is a political entity that was created by the Anglo-American establishment to control the oil rich region, and to keep the Muslim world subdued by their proxy. Israel is not the Promised Land for the Jews as widely propagated and claimed by our misinformation media outlets. The reality is that America was, still is, and will always be the “Promised Land.”


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