Gaza in Ruins, Heinous Crimes: Israel’s IDF Conscripts “Take the Lives of Palestinian Women and Children in the Same Way they would Switch-off the Ignition in a Car”
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, August 12, 2014

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 As world media attention shifts to another war crime massacre, this time in Northern Iraq, much of Gaza lies in ruins whilst in Israel the IDF soldiers look forward to another day of firing 125mm shells from their Merkava tanks into schools, hospitals and houses and they hear the screams and watch the bloody body parts of men, women and children fly in the air and come to rest among the acrid smoke and the lumps of concrete.

1,938 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed since the launch of Israel’s military campaign. What kind of men; what kind of soldiers; what kind of army kills 400 children and leaves 3000 other young people injured, maimed and crippled in a bloody war crime that has seen homes, hospitals and schools blown apart with tank shells and aircraft fired missiles upon a predominately civilian population?

What kind of men, claiming to be from a western-style democracy, would commit such an atrocity before the eyes of the world, and then disclaim responsibility for such heinous, hateful killings?

These men are not soldiers in any accepted use of the word. They are conscripts who take the lives of women and children in the same way they would switch-off the ignition in a car before going to the pub for a drink.

 And as the killings continue, the Israeli government remains adamant that it will continue to keep the 1.8 million indigenous people of Gaza in the world’s largest prison camp; under a blockade that is now in its seventh year and which is tacitly condoned by the rest of the world under instructions from the Israel-lobby-controlled US Congress.

It is a travesty of justice that violates every principle not only of the internationally agreed Geneva Conventions but also of the American Bill of Rights and its own Declaration of Independence.

  For how much longer will the world watch and wait as Israel attempts to destroy the largest indigenous people of the region for over a thousand years?

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