Fusion Center Agents Working Public Forums?
By Carol Ingram
Global Research, March 29, 2009 29 March 2009
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People continue to ask me, “what is a fusion center?” At first, I was perplexed by the term, but as I looked further… seems to be a coordinated effort by Homeland Security, through various state run agencies, to monitor websites and forums in their area. They monitor for illegal activities, including terrorism. However, there is a likely scenario that goes beyond law enforcement, but a potential brainwashing tactic, under the direction of the Obama administration.
What we’re seeing on many forums, attached to radio talk shows, or to local counties that have general forums, allowing national/political input….we’re seeing a growing trend of forum infiltration by persons that monitor those forums to quickly debunk, and/or provide disinformation, when the subject matter is about Barack Obama. 
We saw a mirror image of those tactics with those employed by the Obama campaign to do just that, from their own website, as well as on other public websites. The effort paid-off, as voters (already) disenchanted with the McCain campaign and a very rough (prior) Bush administration, the Obama blogsters and website monitors went after anyone that spoke-out against Obama.
With the recent attacks on Rush Limbaugh, and the increase of callers, supporting Obama, the same trend can be seen on the Sean Hannity radio show. Never before has a president, or candidate ever put forth an effort to counter any and all statements on the radio, TV, and on forums, by using dedicated supporters. The Republican party could learn from Obama’s strategies, however….the truth and promises of the Obama administration are seemingly tainted with lies and confusion.
But that doesn’t stop the supporters that evidently are now being paid, to keep up Obama’s image, going as far as to agree with every single thing he does and says. Much of what Obama is doing, is in-line with previous Bush policies, which these Obama supporters would the ones complaining the loudest (before).
The selection of posts (by Mike) from a local county forum in the southeast area, is a typical example of what we refer to as, “hijacking a forum.”
“Mike” as he likes to be called, is likely a “Fusion Agent” working for the Obama administration, completely prepared with copy/paste Obama articles and some personal comments, but it is quite apparent that “Mike” is on a full time mission to counter any and all statements involving Obama. This type of tactic on a small community of those that voted for Obama and now dissatisfied with his performance, he finds it necessary to keep those folks interested and not informed about the true political climate. When an opposing statement against Obama is posted, he quickly jumps on them to the point of embarrassment. If “Mike” cannot counter the post effectively enough, he ignores the post and creates five to six new Obama posts to quickly push the truth to the bottom of the page. This is referred to as reverse bumping.
Below are examples of a potential “Fusion Agent” (Mike) at work on a small community that cannot effectively respond to his constant pushing, in-order to assure Obama a second term. If you read all his posts and notice the times, you can easily see that he does this, not as a concerned citizen for Obama, but as a paid person to harass the community of Benton County.
The more that we learn about “Fusion Centers” and their involvement with psyops, and the potential danger they cause to this nation, the free thinking individual will continue to be classified and stigmatized, through brain washing tactics, much the same way it was done by lumping everyone together as a potential militia member, if you support Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and/or display an anti-Obama sticker on your vehicle. (See MIAC Report)
The propaganda is coming at us from all directions. It is extremely important that Americans begin to do their own research to validate anything and everything they hear in media, or on forums, such as below. Relying (only) on mainstream media, is no longer a reliable source of truth, because they are all controlled by the Obama administration, as are the “Fusion Centers” located in a every state in America. If you would like to give “Mike” your two cents, you can log-on the Benton County Issues.Com without signing-in. Just pick a name and post under “National/Political” section where “Mike” likes to wait patiently for you.

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