Full Disclosure: “US in Grave Danger.” Paul Hellyer
By Hon. Paul Hellyer
Global Research, December 21, 2017 22 March 2015
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The US media has recently confirmed that the “US government had quietly funded a program to study UFOs for years…. The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, … collected video and audio recordings of reported U.F.O. incidents.” (NYT)

In this video first released and posted on GR in March 2015, Paul Hellyer forcefully addressed the issue of extraterrestrial life.


 “Today, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defense warns of an Orwellian New World Order run by banker elites and their masters of war with designs on our personal freedoms.

They don’t want any change,” says Hellyer. 

He ends with a plea to urge the Harper government and legislators everywhere not to let current free trade agreements go forward. “That is high treason,” he says.  

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