France should return the $40 Billion (U.S) it ransomed at gun point from Haiti between 1825 and 1947
By Jean Saint-Vil
Global Research, January 19, 2010
19 January 2010
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This is an urgent plea to you, as Governor General of Canada, daughter of Haiti, once a citizen of France who is married to well-known and respected French intellectual filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond.

Both of you, dear compatriots, must  immediately use your power and skills to convince French President Nicolas Sarkozy of the urgent necessity for the Republic of France to return the $40 Billion (U.S) it has ransomed at gun point from the Republic of Haiti between 1825 and 1947. The amount of 90 million gold Francs was collected by the FRENCH STATE, in the name of the white French men and women as compensation for their claims of “lost property”. Said property being our great grandfathers and great- grandmothers who had survived 312 years of the most horrific crime against humanity ever recorded in human history – the MAAFA. 

In order to make this payment successive Haitian governments had to take drastic measures like cutting down our forests, closing rural schools and borrowing money at exorbitant rates from the slavery-built powers of the time, like the United States of North America.

The $40 Billion (US) ransom must be returned directly to the HAITIAN STATE from which it was taken at gunpoint. This outrageous example of STATE SPONSORED armed robbery involves legal institutions that existed and still exist today.

Haiti needs to build the infrastructure it never had an opportunity to build. To this effect we, justice conscious people of all races, creed and political persuasion are mobilizing restlessly until the Haitian People – through the legitimate representatives it has established on its own- receives what was stolen from it. Not a cent of this ransom repayment must go to the horde of foreign-controlled organizations that are experts at collecting overhead in the name of the impoverished people of Haiti. While the condition of abject poverty which prevails for the Black People of Haiti since 1499, when our first ancestors landed on the island, continues to blow in our faces, those claiming to be “aiding” said people are the ones getting richer every day with the “aid” they are managing in our name. A situation that our First Nations brothers and sisters understand all too well, whether it is in Nunavut, Australia or South Africa. The hypocrisy must end so that genuine human brotherhood and sisterhood can flourish.

This heavy burden is yours to carry my sister. We love you and encourage you to be inspired by the spirit of Sanite Belair, Defile and Marie Claire Heureuse Felicite Bonheur. 

Fok nou tout mete devwa nou opwop! Se Dessalines k ap mande regleman!

Ak anpil respè,

Frè ou:

Jafrikayiti (Jean Saint-Vil)

Ottawa, Canada

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A Giant Step for Mankind – Made in Haïti

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!» 
(Brotherhood is as ancient as Mother Africa)
(L’entraide fraternelle date du temps où, tous, nous fûmes encore dans les entrailles de l’Afrique-mère) 

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