Foreign policy during the Bush administration is an unmitigated disaster
By Michael Carmichael
Global Research, September 21, 2008
21 September 2008
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Foreign policy during the Bush administration is an unmitigated disaster that is still unfolding.

Not only, has the Bush White House grotesquely mismanaged the Middle East in what is nothing less than a criminal manner rippling with war crimes and violations of international law streaming across our media in an unceasing barrage — over the last eight years, nothing systematic has been achieved in Africa — an appalling situation characterized by criminal negligence that allowed China to make huge strides on the continent– and, Latin America is totally outraged by US policy it now finds insidious and repugnant.

Over a number of years US actions have alienated the peoples of Latin America. US belligerence under the guise of a “war against drugs” has transformed the nation of Colombia into a narco-state. Early in the Bush administration, blatant US attempts to fabricate a coup in Venezuela backfired badly. Later attempts to rig the Venezuelan elections to topple Hugo Chavez via an operation under the command of Mark Penn and his firm, Penn & Schoen, fell flat on their face.

The neocon Democratic consultants: Stanley Greenberg, James Carville and Jeremy Rosner produced a pathetic plan that was little more than an ill-conceived plot to rig the Bolivian presidential election against Evo Morales that became a documentary film, Our Brand is Crisis. The plot did little to disable Morales, who swept into power in the next election largely fueled by the common knowledge that the US had opposed him via an elaborate series of plots, plans and ploys.

Condoleezza Rice’s latest contributions to the egregious malfeasance in US foreign policy in Latin America (and elsewhere) now include the involvement of the State Department in plots to initiate a new wave of coups d’etat and political assassinations in Bolivia and Venezuela.

As usual, the US media is oblivious to the crescendo of Latin American criticism now hitting the Bush government in the international media.
Another topic never discussed in US media is that foreign policy is playing a major role in undermining the US economy and the collapsing dollar.

I applaud the letter by Tony Benn, John Pilger, Harold Pinter and others who oppose the deliberate destabilization of democratically elected governments in Latin America. (posted on Global Research).

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