Fidel Castro Calls on the World to Persuade Obama Not to Unleash a War
By Global Research
Global Research, August 09, 2010
Cuban News Agency 7 August 2010
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HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 7 (acn) The Commander in Chief Fidel Castro said today that he hopes that US President Barack Obama will not order an attack on Iran “if we all persuade him not to.”

That was the purpose of the Cuban Revolution leader’s address to the Cuban parliament summoned for an extraordinary session in Havana, due to the urgency of mobilizing the world, faced with the danger of a nuclear war that would be triggered by a US-Israeli led aggression on Iran.

Standing on a podium, in the presence of President Raul Castro, Fidel read amessage to the Cuban legislative body making emphasis of the threat of an armed conflict in the Arabian-Persian Gulf, for which he held the American presidentresponsible.

Fidel said men’s pretensions must have a limit that can’t be surpassed and added that in this critical case President Obama would have to give the order of the so much announced attack “in tune with the standards of the gigantic empire.”

“But, in the instant he gives the order, which is the only one he could give due to the power, speed and countless number of missiles accumulated in an absurd competion between powers, he would be ordering the instant death not only of hundreds of millions of people, including, an immeasurable number of inhabitants of his own country, but also the crews of all US ships in the seas near Iran.”

“Simultaneously, the war would break out in the Near and Far East and across Eurasia,” said Fidel.

He also explained that fate decreed that at this precise moment, the President of the United States is a descendant of an African and a white, of a Muslim and a Christian and that he will not give the order if he becomes aware of the problem.

After reading his message, Fidel encouraged a dialogue with the Cuban deputies to find solutions to the issue and called on them to think of ways to spread the call for peace. 

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