Fascism Inc: The Past, Present and Future of Fascism in Europe and its Relation to Economic Interests
By Infowar Productions
Global Research, May 26, 2014
Infowar Productions 16 April 2014
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“Given that fascism is not limited to Golden Dawn but is also promulgated by politicians, entrepreneurs and publishers…

Given that the crisis conditions that foster fascism are upon us, not past us…

Given that the whole of Europe is sinking rapidly into the darkness of the far right…”

Debtocracy and Catastroika’s production team steps into the discussion with another documentary.

This time we will present to you unknown short stories from the past, the present and the future of fascism and its relation to the economic interests of each era. We will travel from Mussolini’s Italy to Greece under the Nazi occupation, the civil war and the dictatorship; and from Hitler’s Germany to the modern European and Greek fascism.

The new documentary follows in the footsteps of Debtocracy and Catastroika, which described the causes of the debt crisis, the impact of the austerity measures, the erosion of democracy and the sell-out of the country’s assets.

Several independent media outlets, among them the National Radio and TV Broadcaster ERT, now controlled by its employees,  have already offered to support us as media sponsors. But the co-producers of this effort will still be you.

Our third documentary is inspired by and aspires to motivate anti-fascist movements across Europe, while it continues one of the largest independent production experiments in the documentary field. Once again we categorically reject any funding from political parties and companies and the documentary will be released under a Creative Commons license. In this effort we need your help. You can become a co-producer through PayPal or the bank account.

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